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September 2-5, 2022
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ConRunners 10
ConRunners 10

Saturday, February 26, 2005
Embassy Suites North, Room 3005
2577 W Greenway Rd, Phoenix

(SE corner of I-17 and Greenway)

Registration opens at 8:30AM
Morning Session 9AM-1PM
Lunch Break 1PM-2PM
Afternoon Session 2PM-6PM

We plan a round table discussion of con running experiences with a focus on topics to  
assist AniZona with their convention the following month. Among topics to be covered  
are "Proper Staff Response to Security Problems", "How to Deal with an Irate Con      
Attendee", "Help! Our Guest of Honor Went Shopping and No One Knows Where He
Is", and, "HELP! We have Room for 900 Attendees and There Are 2000 People in the
Registration Line".                                                                                                       

During the afternoon session we will play "If I Ran The Z/o/o Con" which is sort of a
fannish, con running version of a choose your own path adventure.                             

Coffee, tea and some soda will be provided along with light snacks. Feel free to bring
something to share.                                                                                                   

Membership: $15.

For more info Stephanie <conrunners@westernsfa.org>


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