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WesternSFA Board Meeting Minutes


February 21

May 14

August 7

November 2

WesternSFA Board Meeting


Meeting began at 7:47pm.

In attendance: Craig Dyer, Gary Swaty, Catherine Book, Ray Gish, Stephanie Bannon, Lori LaPierre, Bob LaPierre, Susan Uttke. Guest – Mike Willmoth

1)        Minutes from last Board meeting read and approved.

2)        Stephanie admits defeat in looking for the minutes from Nov 2002 board meeting.

3)        Craig will deliver books to Pappas School.


4)        Catherine brought up an earlier discussion to create a donation box to collect books for the Shriners. She suggested that, instead, we donate the books to the Thomas J. Pappas School. She will have a donation box ready by LepreCon 30. Mike Willmoth said it would be okay to place it next to the Arizona Fan Table.


            Motion approved.


5)        New Business:


Tax return 990EZ needs to be filed. Also need $10 filing fee to the State Corporation Commission. Craig and Ray will work on it. Stephanie will check on the Federal filing.


6)         All Board Officers were re-elected.


7)        Catherine will check with Margy for the Lep 30 PR and Lee for the Lep 30 flyer to include info about donating books.

8)        Add Sue Uttke and Lois Cassady to WSFA.

            Motion Approved.

8)        Next meeting scheduled for May 14th, 7pm at Craig & Stephanie’s home.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

WesternSFA Board Meeting


Meeting began at 7:50pm.

In attendance: Craig Dyer, Catherine Book, Ray Gish, Stephanie Bannon, Susan Uttke, Bob LaPierre. Guests – Barry Bard, Ron Book

1)        Minutes from last Board meeting read and approved. Minutes from this meeting will be emailed.

2)        Taxes were filed on April 17,2004, due date was May 15th.

3)        Pappas School book collection at Lep 30 went well. We collected about 40 books, Catherine will deliver to Pappas school.


4)        New Business:


            Suggested we ask Jo’s teacher to come to ConRunners and present “How to Run a Volunteer Convention.”


5)        WSFA needs to have more presence and identification.


            Discussed Arizona Fan Table, we will continue to promote local cons.


            Catherine will be the ‘hammer’ at LepeCon and CopperCon meetings to get stuff.


            Craig suggested asking for a free membership from LepreCon and CopperCon. Perhaps in the future, not now.


            Ron will help devise a logo for WSFA with Petunia.


            We will reletter the banner as appropriate and start using it more.


            Suggested we raffle off a large plush toy at Westercon. Fund the purchase thru Lep, Hex, Copp and TusCon.


            Move to allocate $50 to purchase toy. Motion Approved.


6)        Next meeting scheduled for August 7th, 7pm at Craig & Stephanie’s home.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

WesternSFA Board Meeting


Meeting began at 8:48pm.

In attendance: Craig Dyer, Catherine Book, Ray Gish, Stephanie Bannon, Gary Swaty, Pinky Gish, Mike Griffin, Dawn Mullan. Guest: Bill Whitmore

1)        Minutes from last Board meeting read and approved. Minutes from this meeting will be emailed.

2)        Pappas School book collection went well for Westercon. We collected 180 books, Catherine delivered them. She will give the receipt to Ray Gish, Treasurer.

3)        ConRunners 10

February 5, 2005

Event Coordinator – Dawn Mullan

Banker – Gary Swaty

Registration – Ray Gish

Topics – TBD


Future scheduled ConRunners: June 11, 2005, and Oct 8, 2005


4)        Stephanie will look for banner. The last time we saw it was at Westercon 2003.

New Business:

5)        Arizona Fan Table.

Raffle at CopperCon 24.

Catherine will contact Con Chairs and get them to kick in something to raffle – maybe a membership or a GOH dinner at next con. Maybe Lee still has Kokopelli doll left to donate. They will get 1 raffle ticket per membership bought at Arizona Fan Table. Schedule it for 4pm.


Catherine will contact Con Chairs to reserve a table and get staffing. Need two people for 2 hours each. Each con needs to provide a money bag and receipt book. Stephanie will empty bags each day, store the bags in Staff Lounge and post scheduling grid in Staff Lounge.


6)        Stephanie needs to pay for one year for our website at $95.40 or two years at $166.80. Move to approve one year. Motion Approved.

7)        Next meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2004, 6pm dinner, 7pm meeting.

8)        Meeting adjourned at 9:24pm.

WesternSFA Board Meeting


Meeting began at 8:29pm.

In attendance: Craig Dyer, Catherine Book, Ray Gish, Stephanie Bannon, Sue Uttke. Guest: Pinky Gish, Rick Anderson, Kim Martin

1)        Minutes from last Board meeting read and approved. Minutes from this meeting will be emailed. Mailed to Lois Cassady.

2)        Confirm Old Business:

Pappas School book collection: We collected 45 books from CopperCon 24 and 340 from World Fantasy.


Progress on new logo: Dawn made something, Rick will bring to next meeting


Has banner been located: Yes. Need to change from “Arizona in 2004” to “Arizona Events”. Stephanie will check on cost. Try Fast Signs @ 3415 W. Glendale Ave, Ste. A, (602) 973-5363.


Has Catherine contacted Con Chairs for Lep 31: Yes. Hex 15: Yes Cop25: Not yet

3)        New Business:

We acquired two posters for future raffles. Need to discuss raffle details at February meeting.

4)        Next meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 12, 2004, 6pm dinner, 7pm meeting.

5)        Meeting adjourned at 8:49pm.


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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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