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2008 Minutes

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Western SFA Board Meeting

February 1, 2008


Called to order: 8:37 pm

Board Members present: Craig Dyer, Stephanie Bannon, Bob LaPierre, Shane Bryner, Sue Uttke

Also Attending: Catherine Book, Caitlin Gilson, Kyla Mills, Tanya Cropper, Mark Boniece, Gary Swaty

Guests: Steve Strozewski, Sherri Gahr, Kevin Williams, Kayla Dadgar, Luis Rodriquez

1)        Any new members? Mark Boniece

2)        Read and approve minutes, as amended. Motion to accept, seconded and approved.

3)        Approve the business of the General Meeting: Motion to accept, seconded and approved.

4)        Elect Board Members.

Nominations for Chair: Craig Dyer

Nominations for Vice-Chair: Sue Uttke

Nominations for Secretary: Bob LaPierre

Nominations for Treasurer: Stephanie Bannon

Nominations for Member-at-large: Shane Bryner


Nominations closed. Vote to accept nominations. All Ayes.

Old Business:


4)        Did Stephanie, Shane and Bob design a new waiver or permission form? No. Stephanie will steal from Kevin McAlanon’s form that he made for CASFS.

New Business:

5)        Vote on AniZona 2009 chair. All Ayes to appoint Sherri Gahr as Chair for AniZona 2009.

6)        Approve hotel contract for AniZona 2009. The hotel liaison, Mike Willmoth, was not in attendance and did not submit the contract as directed. Shane will contact Mike and require him to present contract by Friday, Feb 8th to Shane. If contract is not received by Feb 8, 2008, Mike will be asked to return the retainer.

7)                    Shane suggested a 1/4page ad for $30 in ConNotations for AnimeFest. Motion to accept, seconded and approved.

Next meeting scheduled for May 2, 2008, 7pm at Bookmans, Phoenix.

Move to adjourn, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm.


WesternSFA Board Meeting

May 2, 2008


Unavailable at this time (Computer crashed )

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Western SFA Board Meeting

August 1, 2008


Call to order: 7:43pm

Attendance: Bob, Craig, Stephanie, Shane

Guests: Lori, Len, Kevin Williams, Caitlin, Gary, Cathy Book

1)       Any new members?


2)       Read and approve minutes:

None presented

Approve the business of the General Meeting:

Yes, 4-0-0

Old Business:

7)  Did Stephanie acquire a copy of Kevin McAlanon’s waiver that he made for CASFS?


Taxes: filed? New rules?

Yes, 16 pages of terror. Next year just a post card unless we average 25,000+ gross

New Business:

8)  Anizona 2010 chairman applications.

Kevin Williams applied. Approved 4-0-0

9)  Art show database needs to be recovered from CopperCon committee member.

Stephanie is looking for contact information. No directives from board yet.

10)Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

Next meeting scheduled for November 7, 2008, 7pm. Location is The Bent Cover


Western SFA Board Meeting
November 7, 2008

Call to order: 7:05pm

Attendance: Bob, Craig, Stephanie, Shane
Guests: Lori, Len, Mark, Kyla

1) Any new members? Len
2) Read and approve minutes: Approved 4-0-0
3) Approve the business of the General Meeting: Approved 4-0-0

Old Business:

4) Did Stephanie acquire a copy of Kevin McAlanon’s waiver that he made for CASFS?: Yes, We have pemission to use

5) Art show database needs to be recovered from CopperCon committee member. Accepted. Done Bob has copy.

New Business:
6) RandomCon contract amendment. Yes, Contract to be accepted. Stephanie to pay balance in full.
7) RandomCon chairman Fabien Badilla needs to be approved. Approved 4-0-0
8) Mark Boniece would like to be the hotel liaison for RandomCon. Discussion? Vote. Accepted subject to maintaining contact with hotels in both liaison positions. Failure to carry out assignments in a timely matter will result in termination from both assignments. Approved 4-0-0
9) ????????

Next meeting scheduled for February 6, 2009, 7pm. Location is Bent Cover

December 3, 2008
Special Session of the Board

A special session of the Board of Directors was called as a result of the resignation of Sherri Gahr from the position of Chairman of AniZona, and head of programming.
After much discussion of the nuts and bolts of programming, the board will control the convention and placed Bob LaPierre in the position of director for day to day operations and as spokesman for board decisions. The programming will be handled by Across-Plus and will meet in the time slot before their Sunday meetings for the purpose of planning programming. The next 6-8 weeks will be very intensive.
This will be announced on December 8th.

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