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Westercon 2004 Bid Meeting Minutes


August 19

September 22

October 27

December 16


Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA Organizational

 Saturday August 19, 2000


ATTENDING: Rick Andrews, Stephanie Bannon, Craig Dyer, Ray Gish, Bob & Lori LaPierre, Kim Martin, Marguerite Muarry (did I spell that right?), April Rice, Jim Strait, Gary Swaty, Sue Uttke, Lee Whiteside

1. Finances

            How much money do we have? -

            Set dues ($15 or $20 a month for 24 months)-

            Upcoming expenses -             Room/CopperCon $72

                                                            Party - $50-$60 bucks



CONCLUSION: We have about $327 after we get the polo shirts for the 2002 bid friends. Our dues will be $15/month for 24 months and we hope to get at least 30 people to commit to paying dues. Upcoming costs will be about $212, covering room for Saturday night party, food for said party, 1000 flyers and an ad in the CopperCon program book.

2. Bid details

            Finalize details of Friend and Sponsor

            Finalize details of offer to AZ groups re: percentage of profit after con

CONCLUSION: Pre-support will still be $10 and we will be giving stickers to begin with and possibly pins later, depending on costs. We decided on keeping the Kokopelli (which I bet I misspelled) with some minor changes. It was determined that we can get 1,000 stickers for $27 and we will do so prior to CopperCon (and now that I think of it, that makes costs to date approx. $239 instead of $212)

Friends of the bid will be $50, which will cover the voting fees at the 2002 Westercon and a supporting membership if the person needs it. It is likely we will not get any operating cash for the bid from this level of support

Sponsor will be $100 and will get what the Friends do plus free attendance of the Locus banquet if we win and they want to go.

There will be a graduated scale of conversion to full membership in the Mesa 2004 Westercon depending on the level of pre support.

3. CopperCon Schedule

            Ad in program book? Size?

            Table shifts


CONCLUSION: We decided on a half page ad in the CopperCon program book, cost $50, so that people will know where to contact us if they think about us after the con. I promise to get the PO Box number right this time.

Someone, I vaguely recall it as me, is contacting the Dark Ones about taking shifts at the AZ table so Mike isn't stuck all weekend. Ray volunteered for a shift as well. Either Bob or I or a combination thereof will be contacting a few other local groups to see if they want to help. There will be a sample sign up/hour credit sheet to present at the CASFS meeting (Bob, we need to go over that)

The party will be on Saturday night and will be manned as such: Craig - cordials, Mike and Bob - selling and schmoozing, Lori and Stephanie - food service. If other people wish to help we appreciate it. Food will be chips/dip, relish tray, ham/cheese and, I guess, brownies.


4. Hotel

            Reconfirm contract, find out what changes they want - Mike?

CONCLUSION - Mike wasn't there so we didn't discuss the hotel contact.

5. Website

            Will Jim let us use (org?)

            If yes, who will set up site?

            Email address off site?

            Cost of site so we can pay Jim ASAP

CONCLUSION: Jim got the site so we can use it so we are a go for the address. will appear on all our future ads and flyers. Jim has graciously volunteered to take care of the web page stuff (yeah!!) and we decided on the following email address: which forwards to Mike, which goes to Craig and which goes to Ray. We may set up others later if there is need. Jim will probably keep the site for his use after the bid so we postponed decisions on reimbursement until 2004.

6. Volunteers

            Have we contacted any of the groups about helping?

            Assign someone to contact groups

            Keeping track of hours (Bob?)

CONCLUSION: As noted previously I vaguely recall Bob and I were going to contact groups. Bob will set up a database, hopefully in Access or Excel since I understand them, and we will be keeping double records so things aren't misplaced. We will also have a sign up sheet for keeping track of group hours before CopperCon for sure and hopefully to show at the August CASFS meeting.

7. Data keeping - double records

            Record of pre-supports for 2004 - Ray & Craig

            Record of volunteer hours, totaled by group & individual - Bob & SLB

CONCLUSION: Agreed to keep double records and the people listed are stuck, ummm, chosen.



            Membership dues to WSFA (separate from bid dues)


By-laws - include provision that bid/convention chairs are selected by WSFA Board, banker chosen by chair and approved by board

            Schedule WSFA sponsored events to encourage a 501 © 3

CONCLUSION: Since it was late we had a brief discussion of WSFA and will delve more deeply into the topic at the next meeting. In general we agreed to have separate yearly dues for WSFA (as opposed to the bid) and to incorporate ASAP. There was a brief discussion of insurance costs and Ray will send me some info so I can get more concrete info prior to the Sept meeting. We briefly touched on some low/non cost events WSFA could do so we would present a better case when applying for a 501(c)3. By-laws will be covered at the Sept 22 meeting.

NEXT MEETING: We discussed having future meeting at people's homes so we aren't all constantly incurring the cost of eating out. Sept meeting will be at Craig and Stephanie's, Ray volunteered for an east side meeting at his place in the future. We agreed on about every third meeting or so being in a restaurant to make it easier for new people to attend in case they were hesitant to show up at someone's house.


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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA Organizational

September 22, 2000

Meeting Began: 8:05PM

Attending: Rick Andrews, Stephanie Bannon, Craig L. Dyer, Jeff George, Ray & Pinkie Gish, David Hungerford, Bob & Lori LaPierre, Kim L. Martin, April Rice, Gary Swaty, Susan Uttke, Lee Whiteside

1. Finances

            How much money do we have? - Ray

CONCLUSION: Some people paid dues, we did well at CopperCon selling pre-supports, friends and sponsors. However, I somehow neglected to write down the totals. On the other hand, Kim did and tells me they were $483 plus $500 in the envelope from CopperCon. We discussed the need to send flyer to an assortment of conventions, Lee logged on and provided a partial list. Also discussed was level of involvement ranging from sending flyers to table and/or volunteering to the full gamut of volunteer, table, and party.

The ultimate decisions seemed to be:

Check cost of changing banner to reflect the ‘04 bid.

Check cost of ads for TusCon and Loscon.

Parties at: CopperCon, LepreCon, TusCon, Loscon, ConDor and Westercons for 2000-2002

Flyers to the above plus: Gallifrey, Baycon, Windycon and others TBNL

Upcoming events to send flyers to:

            Windycon - may be too late t mail

            TusCon (will go with SLB & CLD)

            Loscon (will go with SLB & CLD)

            MileHi (Denver) - 10/20-22 - mail

            World Fantasy (Corpus Christi) 10/26-29 - mail

            Orycon (Portland) 11/17-19 - mail

            Uncommoncon (Dallas) 11/24-26 - Mail (gaming con)

            Smofcon (Florida) - 12/1-3 - mail


2. CopperCon

            Table shifts? Were time records kept?

            How many memberships and what type were sold?


CONCLUSION: We had several people help man the table and we will contact Mike to get names and hours. For memberships: Pre-support: 10; Sponsor: 2: Friend: 5.

The party went well in spite of the lights going out several times. We seem to be giving a good impression of ourselves.

3. Hotel

            Meeting on 9/21/2000? - Report from Mike emailed

CONCLUSION: There has been a change of management at the Sheraton and they won’t sign a contract unless we pay a penalty, rather hefty, if we have to cancel. They will give us a letter of intent but that boils down to it being a matter of hoping no one with money comes along and wants that time before we win the bid and sign an actual contract. We need to discuss this further with the hotel and tabled further discussion until the next meeting when we will hopefully have more definitive info. See attached email

4. Website

            Is the page up?

CONCLUSION: We discussed it but since Jim Strait wasn’t attending we didn’t go into details.

5. Data keeping - double records

            Record of pre-supports for 2004 - Ray & Craig

            Record of volunteer hours, totaled by group & individual -Bob & SLB

CONCLUSION: We need to set up the data base and make the volunteer hours available on the website, listed by group. The people involved will decide on a consistent format for record keeping. Ray and Bob are primary with Craig and Stephanie holding the backups.


            Membership dues to WSFA (separate from bid dues)



            Schedule WSFA sponsored events to encourage a 501 © 3

CONCLUSION: David read us the by-laws. We discussed and made some changes and there will be further discussion via email and at the next meeting. The IRS is sending info on 501 requirements. We discussed claiming Conrunners as a WesternSFA event

NEXT MEETING: Set for October 27 as a potluck and meeting at Craig’s house. Also, some discussion of holding the November meeting at TusCon.

MEETING ENDED: Late.... somewhere around 1AM I think

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Westercon 2004 Bid and WesternSFA General

Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2000

1. Finances

            Current COH:          $1153.11 - $270 set aside for LA voting/mbr = $883.11 Available

Prior Bid A/P:shirts (Jeff Lu, Eric Hanson, John Davis) from 2002 bid from Faux Paws (still finishing them): $60-90

            Savings Acct: Bank One doesn’t work for set-aside savings - too many fees

2. Hotel

Mike’s Report:Haven’t heard from them; was supposed to receive letter of intent. Last heard, they wanted more than we were willing to give (25% of earnings?). Still advertise the Sheraton and use it in bid until further notice.

Other Hotels:Yes. First choice: Wigwam. Also, Crown Plaza, Hiatt (function space is a bit small)

3. Website:

Pointing:David Hungerford & Jim Strait make certain domain name points to website contents

            Space:                        Unknown

            Volunteer Pgs:          List volunteer hours credit by group on website

Members List:No pre-supports listed on site. List only members on member reg form

4. Data keeping - double records

            Pre-supports:            Ray & Craig

            Volunteer Hrs:          Bob & Stephanie       (total by both group & individual)

            Vol Forms:    Stephanie - already done

2002 pre-supports are in a box - need to input and notify of loss of 2002 bid and new bid for 2004


            Member Dues:          $10 per year + $5 initial application fee

            Incorporate:  Will get amounts for December mtg; Charter members will split fee

            Bylaws:                      Discuss on email list (Topica elist?)

            501c3 Events:            

**        TusCon Plans

            Prog Bk Ad:   $35 - paid

            Party:              $70 (ham & cheese)

            Room:             $0 (using Craig & Stephanie’s room, which is open all weekend)

**        LosCon Plans

            Prog Bk Ad:   $50 - paid

            Party:              $120 (taco bar)

            Room:             $120 + tax per night - pay for 1 night


**        ConNotations

            Ad:                  $50 (half page)

**        WindyCon

            sent masters of flyer with Lee since he was going

**Next meeting: November @ TusCon (will determine exact timing once on site)

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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA General

Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2000

1. Finances

Current COH:$1348.41 - $495 for LA voting/mbr - $63 for 2002 shirts + $220 LosCon (3 friends) + $70 mail-in

            ConNotations:           $50 per half page ad in each 

2. Hotel

WigWam:75k function space, 331 rooms, 4 star/4 diamond resort, $95 s/d + $10 per person per day over that

Hiltons:Squaw Peak not available (popular family spot); Tapatio Pointe Hilton: 65k function space, 36 meeting rooms, 372 rooms (all suites), 4 star/4 diamond; dead over the 4th of July

3. Website:

            Pointing:        David Hungerford

            Space:                        David Hungerford

            Volunteer Pgs:          

            Email WesterCon to point to           

4. TusCon & LosCon

TusCon:Much interest; Eric Hanson became Friend again (like 2002); party well-attended; con attendance down due to SCA’s Barons War

LosCon:Did very well; much positive feedback; Spent $94 for room + $25 for food; Next year: need to do Friday night party (was requested); Table sitting started at 10am & had good response; Volunteered to ConSuite


            Member Dues:          $20 for charter membership due right now

            Incorporate:  Over holidays (Arizona)

            Bylaws:          Read, quibbled over, accepted with changes marked

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