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WesternSFA General & Westercon Bid Meeting Minutes


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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2001




- $1793.41 ($595.00 set aside for voting fees) (*note: most likely one of these figures is wrong, if not both; the total amount free wasn’t written down since I couldn’t reconcile them)

            - (*a break-down was given, but the figures I have down don’t make much sense)



- half page ad for the next issue; check to be made for payment tonight

- must send ad in for program book for Portland WesterCon

- half page ad in HexaCon program book

- back cover in LepreCon program book




- met with hotel on Dec 21st (Mike, Craig, & Stephanie) – Wigwam pleased with business

- 4 star / 4 diamond resort – trying for 5 star / 5 diamond with spa & massage facilities

- need to walk outside to get to anything (perhaps work a deal for golf cart trolley service?)

- Wigwam will look at standard contract; might even accept it

- room rates: $95 + gratuity of $10/person for services = $105/night s/d

- 3 golf courses; 3 or 4 large ballrooms

- nicely laid out for function space

- budget for 1,000 attendees – half local, half with rooms

- with 275 room nights = 0 function space cost; tier cost from there

- 331 rooms available for rent; 70 of such are suites

- can put 660 on site; several reasonable overflow sites

- SFWA will probably want a suite for free; in ’92 did a pro lounge when SFWA was closed

- still looking at Pointe Hilton Tapatio as an option

- perhaps do March meeting at the Wigwam?



            - Yes, as of this afternoon


            LEPRECON PARTY?


- bid lounge-like thing in Craig & Stephanie’s suite

- taco bar (Sat); chips & cheese($50); cordials

- perhaps keep some cordials reserved for pre-supporters?

(*money amounts decided upon didn’t get written down accurately)

(*after this meeting, the thinking on LepreCon has been amended – needs to be discussed)




- BayCon, ConSonance, ConChord




- need to have someone do data entry – perhaps Gary?

- T-shirts mailed last week


Portland WesterCon – 2 parties – 1 taco bar




- nothing new to report since last meeting

- did bylaws at last meeting

- Stephanie will do after ConNotations goes to the printers in Payson

- charter membership: $20

- David has resigned from Board of Directors; Pat & Scott are not attending

- current BoD: Craig, Ray, Stephanie, Bob

- need to vote in 1 to 3 new BoD members, at least temporarily until incorporated

- Gary Swaty voted onto Board as replacement temporary member


            - don’t mention Route 62 to Stephanie -- $400 fine (?)


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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2001

1. Finances:

            How Much Money do we have – Ray?

$1980.41 total - $595.00 voting fees = $1385.41 available.

10 charter members in WesternSFA; 10 friends of bid; 4 sponsors of bid.

T-shirts from 2002 bid are paid for; 1 delivered, 2 ready to be mailed.

Waiting to be incorporated before opening free savings acct for voting fees.

            Ads in ConNotations: Half page ad in next issue: $50 due in April.

2. Hotel:

            Report from Mike on Wigwam:

Ran our basic boilerplate contract by them.

Response to date has been excellent.

Waiting for 501c3 before pursuing further.

Have turned it over to hotel and awaiting word.

            Decision: Pursuant to acceptance of contract, make Wigwam main hotel.

            The contract:

$105/night single/double includes gratuity (savings from $115).

Kids free if in same room. Extra adults: $10 each.

$3000 max function space with tiered rates tied to room nights rented.

Over 750 total room nights = 0 Function Cost!

Opt out clause. Free use of power with no new hook-ups.

3. Website:

            What changes need to be done to the website? Nothing until hotel is settled.

4. Upcoming Plans for 2001:

LepreCon party?

Sponsor ConSuite Friday night – Rick makes poster for this.

Saturday night finger food party – no alcohol – max $50.

Back cover of program book: $125.

Flyers to? Nothing new to add to current listing.

            Contact 2002 supporters: Data still needs to be input.

5. WesternSFA:

            Report on Progress:

Stephanie is still working on 501c3 / incorporation paperwork – might get to it next week.

6. Portland Party:

            Basic Info: July 5-8th; Thurs–Sun. $98 or $150 per night. Weaponless; smoke-free. No pets.


                        May 1st: Program book ad deadline for Portland. $100 for full page ad.

                        Friday night party: ham/cheese/brownies/cream puffs/crackers/pound cake - $100.

                        Saturday night party: Taco bar - $180-200. Total of $300 in party food for 2 nights.

                        Bid pays for hotel nights: difference between 4 nights in suite over 4 nights in regular room.

7. Convention planning:


Kim has agreed to be Banker for the convention.

Shannon McGuire is banned from Programming.


Look up who has been GoHs lately, and choose someone else.

Toastmaster, Artist, Author, Local, Science, Editor, Filk?

Merchandising: Ask Faux Paws to do such? (no decision made).

8. Next Meeting: March 24th at 6 pm at Stephanie & Craig’s (potluck).

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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2001

1. Finances:

How Much Money do we have – Ray?

$2090.41 total - $615.00 voting fees - $200 WSFA dues = $1275.41 available.

New dues paying member: Catherine Book.

Ads in ConNotations need to be paid for: $50 paid during the meeting.

2. Hotel:

Report from Mike on Wigwam:

Waiting for their addendum contract (Starwoods Contract), but it didn’t fax through.

Microphone/white board in each room might be a problem – looking into it.

Can NOT use hotel lobby for Registration; will change for the 2 foyers.

Food functions: GOH Dinner Friday night; Meet the Pros Friday night; Locust Banquet

Saturday night (figure for 75 attendees).

Cancellation policy: $500 fee; not contesting since WesterCon has never been cancelled.

$105/night single/double includes $10 gratuity; most rooms sleep 2.

Gratuity has been increased to $12, but we’ve got the room rate locked with it at $10.

Staging is not settled. Might have risers; stage in room of the function rooms.

Working on the rate of comp rooms. They want 1 in 75; we want 1 in 40.

Drop out clause: 2 years out.

Must promise not to publicize overflow hotel.

Overall, very promising.

The contract:

Waiting on incorporation in order to sign contract.

3. Website:

What changes need to be done to the website?

Need to change it from Mesa to Arizona. Stephanie will contact Jim.

4. Upcoming Plans for 2001:

LepreCon party?

Decision to not do party at LepreCon; all large rooms in party wing are gone.

Table does more return than party; will schedule table covering at next meeting.

Sponsor ConSuite Friday & Saturday night – $50 allotted total.

Craig will get cake for Friday ($15); Bob will get sub for Saturday ($34).

Rick makes poster for this (Kokopelli or naked dancing hippos).

Flyers to?

World Horror in Seattle over Memorial Day Weekend

Lee will take to bunches of cons; Stephanie will coordinate.

ComicCon: have a table arranged for by Barry; David+Angel+Nick will man it with THEM.

Contact 2002 supporters: Paperwork‘s been seen. Will input and mail; might be done by next mtg.

5. Workload:

We need to spread the work out among us in order to avoid burnout or meltdown.

Data entry: Catherine Book.

Table sitting: will be scheduled before cons.

Food prep: Stephanie Bannon (has vacuum sealer, so can do more ahead of time).

Incorporation paperwork: Kim Martin will assist Stephanie.

6. WesternSFA:

Incorporation discussion:

Statutory Agent: Marguerite Murray? Approved. Craig will ask her to be such.

Might cost about $150 to file.

Board Committee: Incorporation: Kim, Stephanie, Craig, Mike.


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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2001

1. Finances:

How Much Money do we have – Ray?

$2425.41 total - $665.00 voting fees - $240 WSFA dues = $1520.41 available.

Reimburse $8.57 for 3 receipt books – unanimous vote of the Board.

Have we paid for the ad in LepreCon program book? Back cover @ $125; Ray will do this.


2. Hotel:

Report from Mike on Wigwam:


The contract:

Waiting on incorporation in order to sign contract.

3. Upcoming Plans for 2001:

Flyers to?


Contact 2002 supporters:


5. WesternSFA:

            Incorporation discussion:



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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2001

1. WesternSFA Board Replacement

            Bob has resigned his board position and his membership

            Current BoD:  Craig, Ray, Stephanie, Gary

            Requirements:Attended 4 of the last 6 meetings; active per bylaws; paid dues this year

            Decisions:       Rick Andrews by acclamation

2. Finances

            Current COH: $2413.24 - $865 for LA voting/mbr - $160 for WesternSFA = $1328.24 Available

Outstanding:Portland and HexaCon membership sales are living in Stephanie’s underwear drawer (approx. $540)

Memberships:92 total (all levels) + Portland (43 ttl , 2 Friends) + HexaCon (2) = At level 2002 bid was at voting time

3. Portland

            - Supported ConSuite Friday night - Well received

            - LA making friendly overtures - volunteers to work the convention

            - need to discuss more at next meeting: Portland incident that shows that we need to figure out how we are paying LA for

               memberships and voting fees (offered to higher levels of support)

4. CopperCon

            Party:  One night: Room ($80) + Food - cordials, taco bar, cake ($150)

Table:Need someone at table @ all times; need to recruit, since everyone is working this con

Hotel:Need display materials from the WigWam for table (brochures, maps, 3-D display, video/cd, slide show)

5. Hotel

            Contract:         Signed

            Display Mat:   Chuck & Mike will talk with Todd at the hotel to get display materials; Larry will shoot digital video


Incorporate:Kim received check for $100 to publish Articles of Incorporation (last step in being 501c3 for Arizona)

**        LA can’t bid against us; they are holding the vote

**        Christian McGuire & ?? want to do the Daily Zine @ con

**        Next meeting: Saturday, August 25th @ the Cady’s home @ 3pm

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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2001

*Portland Report Recap:

            -did well; many mentioned being impressed with what was done with ConSuite

            -KUDOS to Chuck and Tasha for their efforts and support!

            -doubled pre-supports (approximately 95 to date)

            -less than a year out from bid, and we are a year ahead of schedule in memberships

            -LA being supportive


            -Gary, Chuck, Tasha, Stephanie, and Craig have indicated attendance

I.         Treasurers Report (Ray Gish)

            $2903.24         total in the checking account

            $940.00           set aside for voting fees

$60.00             belonging to WesternSFA (with a potential of $31 returned from the attempt to publish the incorporation advance of $100 given to Kim Martin last meeting)

= $1903.24     available for bid process.

*Upcoming expenses:ConNotations ads ($50 per), CopperCon Program Book ($50), CC21 party.

II.       CopperCon Plans

            - Ray will discuss the procedure for buying supporting memberships with the contingent from LA

            A.        Table Schedule

                        * Have flyer at table about buying presupports in Rm 124 (Staff Lounge) – Who does this?

                        Friday Evening:          5-7      Tasha

                                                            7-9      Kim

                        Saturday:                    None (party in evening, no table sitting)

                        Sunday Afternoon:     12-2    Catherine

                                                            2-4?    Craig (until auction close to catch those in line to pay)

            B.        Party Staff                 (Room 105, Saturday night)

                        1.         On Saturday at 5:00 pm setup:

                                    Rick (until 7:00 pm) and Craig

                                    *Crock pot donations:            Stephanie        2

                                                                                    Tasha              1

                                                                                    Kim                1

                        2.         At party night (9 pm to whenever):

                                    Craig   -          alcohol

                                    Tasha  -          food

                                    Chuck -          schmooze

III.      October ConRunners Meeting?

            -October 13th (Saturday) – all day

            -most interested in bringing their own food

            -Embassy Suites @ I-17 and Greenway – will find out about rates tomorrow (Sunday, August 26th)

            -Charge at door: either $10 or $15 (provide soda @ $15) – depends on room rates – favor $15 rate

IV.      Next Meeting?

            -September 22, 2001 (Saturday) @ Craig & Stephanie’s house

            -7 pm – start of potluck

            -meeting after potluck (8?)

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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA

Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2001

The meeting started at 8:13 pm. Those attending were: Stephanie Bannon, Craig Dyer, Mike Willmoth, April Rice, Ray Gish, Gary Swaty, Catherine Book, Viz Kaften, Gigi Dane (Rick Andrews and Kim L Martin showed up later).

1. Finances

            Current COH: $3018.24 - $650 for LA voting/mbr - $60 for WesternSFA = $1983.24 Available

            ConNotations:1/2 page ad for $50 approved

2. Hotel

Contract:Craig & Kim need to sign hotel contract (done at meeting). Bid-Chair’s assistant, Stephanie, received copy of hotel contract.

            Sheraton Mesa:           Mike has sent letter releasing first right of refusal for 2004.

Display Mat:Larry has shot footage of the hotel and will produce a cd-rom (hopefully in time for TusCon)


            Incorporate:    Now incorporated in the state of Arizona; need to still incorporate federally

            Tax ID#:         Kim will apply for it (assuming that this is the federal ID #)

4. Plans for November

            TusCon:          9 people attending

LosCon:6 people attending (Stephanie, Craig, Gary, Mike, Ray, ?); make grid for labor at October meeting; Need table coverage, 1 night party, volunteering, etc.

5. October ConRunners

            Name:             ConRunners 2001: A Con Oddessey

Date:October 13th, Saturday (decided not to move weekend in order to get an executive suite & own food)

Room:Ventanna Room ($150 + tax), 7a-7p, Embassy Suites, I-17 & Greenway (layout: tables laid into a square)

            Food:              No outside food; will break for an offsite (or hotel restaurant) lunch on own

            Mbr Rate:       $15 per person

Agenda:“Make or Break Positions” : 1-hour round-table discussion of each of the following: Chairman, Banker,

Hotel Liaison, Registration, Programming, & Publicity. Followed by a 1-hour discussion of How It All Fits in Together

Badges:Stephanie runs reg; Rick will make badge design (penguins with beanie caps?) & hand to Steph 1 week out

Organization:WesternSFA (not the WesterCon bid) is running this event; all expenses and profits are handled by it

6. Next Meeting

            November 3rd, 6pm after Cordial Class @ Craig & Stephanie’s home

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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA


November 3, 2001

1.         Finances

How much money do we have, Ray? $2899.14 total – 91.00 WesternSFA – 995.00 Voting/ Member Fees = $1813.14 available for use currently + whatever $$ received tonight from LosCon.

How and when will we do the pre-support memberships for LA? At voting fee time, and only for those not listed on LA’s member list (check website). It must be stressed in explaining the benefits of different levels that the supporting membership is purchased only “if necessary” to have a valid vote. It is not a guarantee of membership. Out of the 21 eligible to date in this category, 9 already have their memberships. Someone needs to talk to Elaine & Bruce Pelz to get forms for signature and determine the timeline for this process after that.

2.         Hotel

Report from Mike on Wigwam: (Mike not in attendance – in Canada for World Fantasy Con)

Preview CD: Larry, Chuck, and Tasha made a CD tour of the Wigwam. Larry is working on a better copy than the one shown (needs sound clean up and brightness adjustments); this should be on hand for the TusCon party. A copy was given to Richard Bolinski to attempt a back-up cleaning should plans with Larry fall through.

3.         Upcoming Plans for 2001

Contact 2002 supporters: List has been recovered. Stephanie will do contact by mailing a flyer with a cover letter before the end of the year. A Roll of Stamps has been authorized for purchase.

Registering bid? Submit WesterCon bid officially in February since the paperwork is due by April 15th. First we should finish getting the 501c3 paperwork done.

ConNotations: Continue with same ad for now; redo for January with more info.

Website: Need to get more info on website; will update with ad info after year-end.

TusCon: 1 party for bid; Craig & Stephanie pay for room and will donate party food toward dues.

LosCon: Bid will pay for difference between regular room and party suite cost of approx. $20 for 4 days. $80 approved for room rental for bid party.

4.         Plans for after we win

Committee – go thru list of positions: (per 2004 tentative committee list with the following updates) Green Room – David Foster?; Hospitality/ConSuite - Jeanne Hilary-Burroughs or Liz Hanson?; Staff Lounge – Sue Uttke and Rebecca Davies?; Hotel, pre-con – Mike Willmoth?; Hotel, at-con – Chuck Cady?; Gaming – Jesse Foster?; Area Guide – Chuck & Tasha Cady?; Progress Report, pre-vote – Stephanie Bannon; Progress Report, post-vote – Richard Bolinski?; Program Book – Daniel & Debbie Arthur?; Membership, at-con – Alice Massoglia?; Membership, pre-con – Stephanie Bannon; Handicap Liaison – April Rice accepts position; Security – Rick Andrews will be asked by Kim Martin; Publicity – Lee Whiteside?; Print Media – Joe Leevee and Chris Campbell?; Web Site – Jim Strait; Guest of Honor Liaison – Catherine Book accepts position; Charity Auction – Catherine & Ron Book; Modern Dance – Mark Boniece?; Regency Dance – John Hertz?; Masquerade – someone in Costumers Guild West?; Video – Mark Boniece (if he’s not doing modern dance)?

Guests – names and who will contact them? Catherine Book accepts and wishes to tie in Charity Auction work while doing so (after approval of contact letter). According to WesterCon Bylaws, West Coast GoHs are traditional but not obligatory. Vote to obtain a current SFWA for contact purposes – approved widely - $60 for current SFWA.

Need: (in order of preference)

Author GoH: Michael Moorcock, CJ Cherryh, Sherri Tepper, Orson Scott Card.

Artist GoH: Boris Vallejo (has studio in SoCal), David Cherry, Real Musgrave.

Editor GoH: Ben Bova? (NY) offer room and per diem only, no travel.

Music? Yes, have a filk GoH. Perhaps Heather Alexander? Gary will compile a list.

Fan GoH? Kevin Standlee

5.         WesternSFA

ConRunners Report: Went well. More in-depth report available for those requesting.

Board Positions: Chair – Craig; Vice-Chair – Rick; Corp Treasurer – Ray; Corp Secretary – Stephanie.

Procedural Positions: Need to elect in January: President, Vice-Pres., Secretary, Historian / Archivist. Currently Kim is acting a procedural secretary, but hasn’t been voted into that job.

Incorporation: Working on it. (Since that meeting: SS-4, request for Federal ID number, was mailed on December 10, 2001; the request to be 501c3 is being worked on to hopefully be presented for approval and funds at the next meeting. Approximate cost of paperwork: $150).

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Westercon 2004 Bid & WesternSFA


December 15, 2001

Meeting attendance: Catherine Book, Gary Swaty, Stephanie Bannon, April Rice, Pinkie Gish, Mike Willmoth, Ray Gish, Craig Dyer, Richard Bolinski (Kim L Martin arrived later)

1.         Finances

            Current COH: $3021.14 - $775 for LA voting/mbr - $91 for WesternSFA = $2155.14 Available


2.         Hotel

            Walk-thru:      Mike will attempt to set up a walk-thru to replace normal Feb meeting; late Feb - early Mar timeframe

3.         Upcoming Plans for 2002

            Register:         Need to register bid by end of year (in order to prevent opening of area to both north & south); Craig will

                                    check with the Pelz’ for address to send filing to

            Cons To Hit:   Gallifrey, Feb 15-18: send flyers

                                    ConDor, Del Mar, Feb 22-24: sponsor ConSuite (send $$); ad in program book ($35 - Stephanie will send)

                                    NorwesCon, Seattle, March 31, 2002: send flyers

                                    LepreCon, May: big push, more presence

                                    BayCon, Memorial Day weekend: send flyers; find someone in LA to host a party (can’t be done by LA

                                                WesterCon concom - maybe Alice & Marty?)

                                    LA WesterCon, 4th of July weekend: biggest push

            Naming:          Need to find pithy name for our con, officially WesterCon 57 (July 2-5, 2004)

4.         Plans for After We Win

            Cons to Hit:    HexaCon: send flyers

                                    ComicCon, 1st weekend in August: Will Emily work a table for us?; send flyers

                                    San Jose WorldCon: Party 1 night (Saturday); man the fan table for 5 days; need to have a presence there

                                    CopperCon: Party 1 night

                                    World Fantasy (MN): send flyers

                                    LosCon: Party 1 night

            Committee:     Craig is contacting various people for positions & is waiting to hear back

            Guest Letter:   GoHs receive coach round-trip airfare for self & guest, per diem of $50 per day not to exceed $200 total, 4

                                    regular room nights at the hotel; get to attend GoH dinner, Meet the Pros event, and have access to Staff

                                    Lounge; all need to attend programming events (4 or equivalent)

            Contact Needs:           Decided to purchase SFWA membership for $70 to receive their directory

            Author GoH:  No listed changes to GoH letter

            Artist GoH:     In addition to regular offer, gets 5 art panels for free (if need more, then negotiate)

            Editor GoH:    Ben Bova? Limited offer (no travel offer - lives in NY, just room and per diem)

            Music:            Filk GoH: Heather Alexander. Offer airfare for 1 (this will actually be sent in cash for fuel for their RV), 4

                                    room nights (renegotiated: check with Craig), no per diem. Required to attend filk concert, filk circle every

                                    night, and 2 panels. GoH dinner and Meet the Pros expected. Has access to Staff Lounge.

            Fan GoH:        Change from Kevin Standlee to John Hertz. (Might have limited offer - check with Cathy or Craig)

            Toastmaster:   Required to select. Choices: Ed Bryant (Denver); Rick Foss, LA; Jim Webbert, Phx; Adam Niswander, Phx

            Media Guest:  Decide later

5.         WesternSFA

            ConRunners:   14 in attendance; broke even.

Adjourned at 9:18 pm

**        Mike Willmoth will do At-Con Hotel Liaison

**        Next meeting January 26th @ Craig & Stephanie’s home @ 7 pm

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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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