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Westercon 57 Bid and WesternSFA

General Meeting Minutes

January 26

February 23

November 01

WesterCon Bid

January 26, 2002

1.           Finances

              Current COH:   $3311.14 - $785 for LA voting/mbr = $2526.14 Available

              ConNotations:    $50 for 1/2 page ad in February, $100 for full page ad in both April and July


2.           Hotel

              Walk-thru:         no time set as of yet; will hope for March

3.           Upcoming Plans for 2002

              Cons To Hit:      ConDor, Del Mar, Feb 22-24: sponsor ConSuite (send $65); ad in program book ($35); flyers

                                           NorwesCon, Seattle, March 31, 2002: send flyers; ad in program book

                                           LepreCon, May: Party 1 night (Saturday); Room: $79 + tax; Food: $125 (taco bar & brownies)

                                           BayCon, Memorial Day weekend: send flyers; ad in program book; perhaps sponsor ConSuite

                                           LA WesterCon, 4th of July weekend: program book ad ($100); 2 parties: 1 Thursday, 1 after vote; Room:

                                              suite @ $125/night for 4 nights = $500 - bid will pay for $100; rest is split between those staying in the

                                              rooms; Food: >$100/night; $300 for taco bar on Thursday; Saturday night - maybe meat & cheese (no

                                              cost estimate as of yet)

              Who is Going:    Variable

4.           Plans for After We Win

              Cons to Hit:        ComicCon - 1st weekend in August

                                           BuboniCon - ?

                                           San Jose WorldCon - Mike & Gary going; man AZ con table; get program book ad

                                           CopperCon - ?

              Committee:        Craig is contacting various people for positions & is waiting to hear back

              Guest Letter:      Catherine not here to report

              Paypal:               Should we set up website for paypal? (being considered, no decisions)

5.           WesternSFA

              Annual Mtg:      separate notes kept

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WesterCon Bid

February 23, 2002

1.           Finances

              Current COH:   $3386.14 - $790 for LA voting/mbr = $2596.14 Available

              Committee / LA:3 ConCom need be paid for LA supporting memberships/voting

              Friend/Sponsor: 22 total, 8 already have supporting or better memberships per website, so 14 need to be paid for

              Dollars Needed: Couple of hundred

              George Martin:  Membership from LosCon, Friend of Bid


2.           Hotel

              Walk-thru:         no time set as of yet

3.           Upcoming Plans for 2002

              Ballots:               The voting fee shall be US$ 20, per the Bylaws.

                                           The mail in ballot deadline is Thursday, June 20th, 2002.

                                           This is the date of receipt, not the postmarked date.

              Ballot Forms:     Contact James and find out when printing ballots (April 15th); get/arrange for # of ballots - Stephanie does

              Supporter Mail: Stephanie will print out labels for all our pre-supporters; have a stuffing party (need to get #10 for mailing,

                                           #9 for SASE envelopes), send with SASE made out to WesterCon

              Ballots to Con:   Ray & Craig will turn friend/supporter (and other hand-delivered) ballots in at con

              Ballot Wording: Arizona in 2004

              WesterCon:        Los Angeles, July 4-7th

              Attendance:        Ray, Pinkie, Stephanie, Craig, Gary, Catherine, Ron

              Rooms:               King room - Stephanie & Craig - Wednesday to Monday

                                           Adjoining room - Gary (from Wednesday on), Ray & Pinkie (from Thursday on): $99

              Schedule:            Thursday: small party

                                           Friday: large party

                                           Saturday: voting (need someone to confirm voting)

                                           Saturday: small party

                                           Sunday: large party

5.           WesternSFA

              Annual Rpt:       AZ Corporation Commission Annual Report - Kim does (turns in financials next day, rest done @ meeting)

**          Boris Vallejo wants $1000/day to attend : NO!

**          Ben Bova - Naples, FL - $900 round-trip (?)

**          Next meeting: March 30, 2002

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WSFA Quarterly Meeting


Meeting began 8:10 pm

In attendance: Lee Whiteside, Ray Gish, Stephanie Bannon, Bob LaPierre, Rick Andrews, Catherine Book, Craig Dyer, Gary Swaty, Lori LaPierre.

1)           Conrunners:

10/05/02: 18 attendees, $270.00, expenses = $273.00

The programming session was reportedly very productive and enjoyable. Wally developed an Organizational Chart for Westercon committee.

We voted on question of having 3 ConRunners per year: 4 ayes, no nays

Future ConRunners will be scheduled for February, June and October.

We voted on 1/4 page ad in ConNotation: 4 ayes, no nays

Next ConRunners scheduled for either Feb 1st for Feb 8th, tbd

              Programming will be Registration

              Gary will do the presentation

              Craig will do registration

              Stephanie will do event coordination

              Ray will be Banker

              Stephanie will work on remainder of agenda

2)           Need to renew SFFWA membership, Ray will send check

3)           Website for ConKopelli/Westercon will be up soon.

4)           We voted on opening a Paypal account: 5 ayes, no nays.

2.9% + $.30 per transaction; e.g. a $40 membership will cost us $1.46. Stephanie and Kim will take care of it.


5)           TusCon:

              We will sponsor a cake in ConSuite for $50.00, ask Nora to help.

              We need to man a table and have ConKopelli giveaways.

6)           LosCon:

              We will sponsor a cake in ConSuite for $75.00.

              We need to man a table at peak hours and have ConKopelli giveaways.

7)           We discussed money control at membership tables. There were accountability problems at last WesterCon. In the future, there will be a separate bag for each convention with a separate receipt book and control sheet. The flyers need an "for Office Use Only" section

8)           Next Quarterly Meeting will Feb 1st or 8th, during ConRunners, 7pm.

9)           Stephanie was disappointed at lack of fruit salad.

10)         Lee Whiteside approved to join as Member: 5 ayes, no nays.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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