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Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting
February 6, 2009

Called to order: 7:15pm, Bent Cover bookstore

Attendance: Stephanie Bannon, Craig Dyer, Catherine Book, Mark Boniece, Bob LaPierre, Gary Swaty, Caitlin Gilson, Shane Bryner, Kyla Mills, Marguerite Murray, Sue Uttke, Len Berger

1) Introduction of guests: Sema Supoci (Phoenix Furness), Jared Mills

2) Read and Approve minutes from last meeting. Motion to accept, seconded, and approved. 6-0-0

3) Treasurer's report. Motion to accept, seconded and approved. 9-0-1

4) Committee Reports:

AcrossPlus: weekly meetings at Bookmans still being allowed even though they won't book any other groups anymore. Generally get between 12 and 20 attendees.

. AniZona: Sherri Gahr resigned. Bob is doing day-to-day stuff. Board is Chairing. Memberships are picking up, filled to Tier 1,under 200 memberships – not all paid yet. We need 400 paid memberships to pay outside bills. We will print more bookmarks to distribute right away.

Book Donations: no news

ConRunners 22: Cancelled. Discussion, consensus that we don't need day-long ConRunners, the mini ones are all AniZona people need. We can schedule one for Furness if they want it.

RandomCon: Sold 3 memberships. Website is pretty.


5) Logo ad posted to website? Yes, Stephanie thinks so but it happened so long ago... in a galaxy... Caitlin just checked and WOW! It is!

6) Did the deadbeat dealer get billed for bal owed? Yes, Stephanie sent a bill and it is being ignored.

7) Time to discuss policy on honorariums? Tabled for future discussion. We'll ignore it tonite and probably continue to ignore it until August.

8) Did the ad get in CN18.6? Did the flyers get designed yet? Did ComicCon get contacted about stuffing a flyer in their bag? Yes, Yes, and Yes. We got 6 email responses!!! for Anizona and we didn't have to pay ComicCon for stuffing; we loaned them some equipment.


9) Approve donation of $200 to "At First Book". Motioned, Approved 11-0-0

10) Time to pay dues.

11) Stephanie wants to discuss the future of AniZona. Discussion: it's a losing con, we should stop. If we sponsor another anime con, the prospective group would hav to demonstrate willingness and experience. Move that AniZona 2009 is the last one we'll sponsor. Approved 6-1-4

12) Stephanie wants to discuss future of ConRunners. See committee report above.

13) Merchant account for credit card processing: Stephanie was to arrange for one but doesn't think we need one. We'll wait for next year.

14) Book Collection at cons: Catherine can't be at AniZona or Random con. Who can take the Harry Potter collection box? Stephanie said she'd do it.

15) We needed a policy to cover AniZona, RandonCon, ConRunners and Across Plus. Stephanie discovered that our insurance agent for Farmers, Inc. has disappeared. Stephanie is looking at quotes from three companies thru an agent.

16) Elections for Officers: recycle the turkeys. Moved, Approved 10-0-3

Next meeting scheduled for May 1, 2009, 7pm, Location: Bent Cover Bookstore.

Move to adjourn, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm

Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting
May 1, 2009

Called to order: 6:36pm, Bent Cover bookstore
Attendance: Sue Uttke, Bob LaPierre, Craig Dyer, Stephanie Bannon, Gary Swaty, Shane Bryner, Catherine Book, Marguerite Murray

1) Introduction of guests: Robert Barber, Todd Miles aka L

2) Read and Approve minutes from last meeting. Motion to accept, seconded, and approved. 6-1-3

3) Treasurer's report. Motion to accept, seconded and approved.

4) Committee Reports:

Across+: Lilith and L will be at W62, maybe they want to do a fan table? There will be a one-day anime-fest event at various locations coming soon. Next one will be a Bookmans. L will talk to Bookmans Events Director, probably Jul or Aug.

. AniZona: We survived, the hotel is still standing. We had between 1100 and 1200 members with approx 850 on-site. Banker has not yet balanced and closed books.

Book Donations: none

ConRunners: none scheduled

RandomCon: GameMaster selected. Scheduling done. Program Book being worked on. Four Guests scheduled. Waiting to hear from Fabian if he wants to reprise in 2010.


5) Who still owes dues? Lois Cassady.

6) Insurance is due. It will cover AniZona, Anime Fests, RandomCon, Across+, ConRunners and WSFA meetings.


7) ConKopelli history: Robert Barber is here to ask for check to Shield of Almor. The problem was that Kim Martin's records had indicated that the original check issued in 2004-5 had cleared. Stephanie confirmed that it had not cleared. Check was reissued and mailed 4-27-09.

8) Equipment loan to Westercon: Catherine requested to use the video projectors for Westercon. The W62 Chair and Banker must sign.

9) Anime Room Agreement with Westercon: Bob LaPierrre will attend next W62 comcon meeting. Mark Boniece has not provided WSFA with the list of anime he wants to show so that permissions can be obtained. WSFA will not "sponsor" the anime room without legal permissions.

10) Websites: Stephanie reports that we are paying for two servers (AniZona and WSFA), we're going to move AniZona to WSFA site so we're only paying for one site.

11) AniZona PO Box: Stephanie will close the PO Box since we won't be doing AniZona again.

12) AniZona Paypal account: Stephanie will close the Paypal account since we won't be doing AniZona again.

Next meeting scheduled for Aug 7, 2009, 630pm, Location: Bent Cover Bookstore.

Move to adjourn, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:14 pm.

Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting
August 7, 2009

Called to Order: 6:57pm

Attendance: See sign in sheet

1) Introduction of guests - None

2) Read and Approve minutes from last meeting. Move - Craig, Second - Gary Vote: 7-0-0

3) Treasurer's report as of 7-30-2009 - Oops! Left at home on the printer, will send to Yahoo group.

4) Committee Reports:

AcrossPlus: No Todd, no report

Book Donations: Cathy reports 8 books collected at Fiestacon

RandomCon: Lost money - checks will be sent to game groups and volunteers will get postcards as soon as the data is available

OLD BUSINESS: 5) Westercon equipment loan agreement LepreCon declined to sign the standard agreement thus no loan was made

6) AniZona web site, PO Box, Paypal account - Web site renewed automatically so we have a year to deal with it. Canceling now will not get enough money refunded to make the attendant hassle worth it. Paypal will close soon, PO Box will be closed when renewal notice is sent


7) AZ Browncoat "Can't Stop the Serenity" donation - Last year we gave $150, how much this year. Discussion ensues. Motion for $200 - Move - Bob, Second - Gary Vote 6-0-1

8) Funds for shed modification - We will need to build a shelf or brackets or support of some kind to hold the projection screens above the art flats. Discussion ensues. Motion - Up to $50 for parts Move - Gary Second - Bob Vote 5-0-2

9) Coffee pot purchase Stephanie picked up a coffee pot on sale. Does WesternSFA want to buy it? 42 cup pot to use for hot water in Consuite Price was $27.02 Motion to buy - Move - Gary, Second - Lori Vote 5-0-2

10) Hosting the Phoenix Filk Circle site - Stephanie has been hosting the Phoenix Filk Circle site on her personal Cox web space which was fine until audio files were added and then the space was exceeded. It is proposed that WesternSFA provide space on its server for the Phoenix Filk Circle site - it would not take that much space, fulfills one of our (c)3 purposes (support Filk) and does not add to the costs. Motion to host Phoenix Filk Circle site - Move - Craig, Second - Lori Vote 5-0-2

11) RandomCon 2010 yes or no? Much discussion. Motion - hold RandomCon again in 2010 subject to getting appropriate contract. Move - ? Second - ? Vote 5-0-2

Next meeting scheduled for November 6, 2009 6:30PM at the Bent Cover

Motion to close - Move - Lori, Second - Stephanie Vote 7-0-0

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 pm.

Western SFA Quarterly General Membership Meeting
November 6, 2009

Called to order: 6:39pm, Bent Cover bookstore

Attendance: Craig Dyer, Stephanie Bannon, Catherine Book, Sue Uttke, Len Berger Shane Bryner, Bianca Peterson

1) Introduction of guests: Bianca Peterson, Todd Miles aka L

2) Read and Approve minutes from last meeting. Motion to accept, seconded, and approved. 7-1-0

3) Treasurer's report. All checks sent out to the gaming groups that supported last RandomCon. No Chair appointed yet. Imperial Outpost will sell memberships. Motion to accept, seconded and approved. 7-1-0

4) Committee Reports:

Across+: Todd: Elections held 11-01-09. L is President. Sign-in sheet and Election results given to secretary. Will have an Anime Fest 12/12/09 at Phoenix Samurai Comics store, still waiting for a confirmation. Still trying to contact Bookmans to do an Anime Fest. Anime 3000 has contacted Across+ to join their social network. Stephanie will investigate or send Bob.

Book Donations: none

ConRunners: none scheduled

RandomCon: Grace Inn turned out to be grace-less, after dragging us out for months they finally changed their mind re the contract and included too many restrictions that are not acceptable. Windemere was in reserve and we have a signed contract now. Walkthru on 11-10-09.


5) Has the modifications to the shed been completed? No, not yet. Did the coffeepot get moved into proper shed? Not yet, still in garage..

6) Did Phoenix Filk Circle get moved to WSFA site? Yes, Did Gary tell the Filk people?

7) AniZona website is closed, Paypal account will get closed.


8) Across+ organization: attendance needs to be done everytime or we drop insurance. Keep schedule current - if an event is scheduled, keep to it. Need to have a review of new procedures by next Feb meeting.

9) CASFS needs to be borrowing projector and screen as needed for movie previews, etc. 6-0-0

10) Do we donate to First Book again this year? They give books to underpriviledged kids nationwide. Do they donate in Arizona? Stephanie will investigate and we'll vote on Yahoo by EOM November.

Next meeting scheduled for Feb 5th, 2009, 630pm, Location: Bent Cover Bookstore.

Move to adjourn, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:17 pm.

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