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Western SFA General Meeting
February 3, 2017

Called to Order: 7:22pm at Craig & Stephanie's home

In Attendance:  Sue Uttke, Mark Boniece, Craig Dyer, Stephanie Bannon, Catherine Book, Len Berger (Gary Swaty gave his voting proxy to Mark Boniece)

1)         Introduction of guests:  none

2)         New members: none

3)         Read and Approve minutes from last meeting.  Motion to accept the minutes, seconded:  5-0-0-2

4)         Treasurer’s report as of 11/04/16. Motion to accept the report, seconded:  6-0-0-1

5)         Committee Reports:

            Book Donations:  nothing collected

The Nameless Zine:  No interviews available lately.  Diana Gabaldon has offered to do a special and talk about the TV show – will wait until TV show premieres.  694 Twitter followers.  Webpage stats are attached.

            Website:  Domain names:  Stephanie will renew all the current domains as previously discussed, see attachment.


6)         Any new sales on the old inventory?  No.

7)                   Distribution of bookmarks at upcoming events?  Comicon in May – Len will take.  Sue suggested we create a QR code and add to our bookmarks.  Stephanie will look into it.  Tucson Book Fest – Cathy will try to drop some with Marty.

8)                   Westercon 2017:   On January 21, 2017 we had an impromptu meeting during Open House and voted on our contract with Westercon.  Approved by Craig, Stephanie, Cathy Book, Gary Swaty.  Stephanie delived the contract to Dee Astell, Chair of Westercon. Mark suggested we host a party during the con for our Guest, Connie Willis.  We decided on a limit of $300, approved 5-0-0-1.  Cathy will do fruit, cookies & dessert bread.


9)       Elections:  Recycle the turkeys as they are.  Motioned and seconded, approved 6-0-0-1

10)   Elections for the Board:  ditto   

Next meeting scheduled for May 5, 2017 will be at Craig & Stephanie’s house

Meeting adjourned at  8:01 pm.

Catherine Book

Western SFA General Meeting
May 5, 2017

Western SFA General Meeting
August 11, 2017

Acting Secretary

Western SFA General Meeting
November 3, 2017

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Westercon 57: ConKopelli

July 2-5, 2004


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