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ARIZONA BROWNCOATS - are a social group and state non-profit devoted to continuing the spirit of Joss Whedon's inspired series Firefly through charity events, a presence at local conventions, and social events. We are all over Arizona with monthly shindigs in Phoenix and Tucson. In September, both cities will be hosting screenings of Serenity to benefit Equality Now. For more details, follow our twitter @azbrowncoats.

ARIZONA PENNY DREADFULS We're a Victorian oddities group who host an event most months. Our website is a family friendly information source (azpennydreadfuls.org) that includes a history of Arizona fandom. However, our Facebook is most decidely NOT family friendly. Be warned! Contact: Hal at info@azpennydreadfuls.org.

BASFA Local Tucson science fiction group that puts on TusCon. Contact us at PO Box 2528, Tucson AZ 85702-2528 or info@tusconscificon.com our website at http://tusconscificon.com

CENTRAL ARIZONA SPECULATIVE FICTION SOCIETY, INC. (CASFS) The non-profit corporation that puts on CopperCon conventions, SmurfCons, HexaCons, occasional regional cons, and publishes Con-Notations. Best described as SF/F generalists with a strong bent towards literary SF/F. Guests welcome - meets at 8pm on the last Friday of each month in January thru September and the second Friday in October, November and December. Check website for meeting location. For more information write PO Box 62613, Phoenix, AZ 85082-2613 or Web www.casfs.org or email to info@casfs.org

THE DARK ONES (Dark-wunz) n. 1) An organization formed for the expression and exploration of various cultural themes including, but not limited to, the Dark Ages and the Renaissance through forms of art including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, writing, photography, spoken word, and acts of characterization. 2) a member of this organization. 3) Information available at www.darkones.org

LEPRECON, INC. Phoenix area corporation that puts on yearly conventions. Best described as SF/F generalists with a main thrust into SF/F art. Guests are welcome. The meetings are quarterly on the second Saturday of February, May, August & November unless otherwise notified. August is the annual meeting where board positions are deter-mined. For more information, write PO Box 26665, Tempe, AZ 85285; Email leprecon@leprecon.org Webpage: www.leprecon.org

MIB The Men in Black is the official global organization of field operatives for Steve Jackson Games. We attend local conventions to demonstrate and promote products of Steve Jackson Games. We also schedule demos in local gaming stores as well as community service events. If you have a gaming store, convention, or community service that you would like to have official Steve Jackson Games representation at, please contact the MIB Arizona Cell MIB.6361@cox.net

PHOENIX FILK CIRCLE    www.phoenixfilkcircle.org

SOUTHWEST COSTUMER’S GUILD The Southwest Costumers Guild is a loose organization of persons interested in all facets of historical, cultural, science fiction, fantasy, and humor costume. Members are often seen on stage and behind the scenes at local and regional Science Fiction Convention masquerades. They meet on the last Sunday of each month at various members’ homes in the greater Phoenix area. For details. Southwest Costumers Guild, PO Box 39504, Phoenix, AZ 85609 or Randall Whitlock at costumers@casfs.org Our web site www.southwesterncostumersguild.org

SPACE ACCESS SOCIETY Space Access Society’s sole purpose is to promote radically cheaper access to space, ASAP. We think it’s possible within ten years, with a little luck and a lot of hard work. Join us and help us make it happen! SAS membership is $30 for one year, which gets you emailed Space Access Updates the instant they pass final edit, plus discounts on our annual conference on the technology, politics, and business of radically cheaper space transportation, featuring leading players in the field. Email us at: Space.Access@Space-Access.org Our web site is www.space-access.org

UNITED FEDERATION OF PHOENIX A Phoenix area Star Trek and general SciFi fan club. We are a social club that meets every two weeks at various locations around the Phoenix area. The UFP has been meeting for over 25 years of continuous activity. Dues are $15/per year prorated when you join; no restrictions. Membership includes membership roster and monthly newsletter. Come to any two meetings at no obligation. For information, write the UFP at PO Box 37224, Phoenix, AZ 85069, or call Jim Strait at (602) 242-9203. Web page: www.U-F-P.org or Email to Info@U-F-P.org

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