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AniZona, Arizona's first Anime convention comes to an end

A number of people have asked for clarification of the announcement made at AniZona 2009's closing ceremonies. Here are answers to their questions in no particular order.

1) Yes we are taking a break from having three day conventions for a bit.

2) We intend to have several one-day events per year.

3) We are hoping to be able to re-instill the sense of joy associated with running an anime convention.

4) We need to remember that we do this for fun and this is a hobby, some time off will help this.

5) We are not folding, we will be back.

6) Our attendees are the greatest! And we will never forget that.

7) "L" will be directing our one day events, and yes he can use all the volunteer help all of us can give.

8 ) I was so pleased with the attendees at this AniZona that I can't find the words to express my feelings.

Thank you all and we will see you in the future

Bob LaPierre
WesternSFA President

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