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Announcing the launch of:  The Nameless Zine Readers Awards!

Have ever read a list of the winners of the Nebula Awards or Hugo Awards, and thought, “Yeah, that was a good book, or story, but ____ was much better!”? Haven’t we all? Well, if you’ve ever been wracked with disappointment that your favorite didn’t win, or wasn’t even nominated, now’s your chance to nominate and vote for your favorites - and you won’t have to pay for a membership to do so.

The Nameless Zine wants YOUR nominations for bests in many categories, and after we’ve collected them we’ll put them to you for a vote.  Winners and runner-ups will receive award certificates, if we have addresses for them, and results will be posted on our website as the ne plus ultra of  readers’ recommendations.

Nominations will be accepted though March 15th and posted on (or about) April 1st; voting will then commence for an as yet undetermined time; it may depend this first year on the number of submissions. So nominate many,  and vote often – but only once per category, please!  And if you think we left out a vital category, gently inform us and we shall rectify the oversight – or at least consider doing so.  

We will go with a ranked system of tallying, so choose up to 4 favorites per category ranked 1st through 4th : 1st choice gets 4 points, 2nd gets 3 points, 3rd gets 2 points, and 4th gets 1 point.

Nominations currently sought for the following categories, for 2014 publications:

Best SF Novel
Best SF Novella
Best SF Short Story
Best Humorous SF Story
Best SF Poem
Best Sequel in an SF Series
Best SF Cover

Best Fantasy Novel
Best Fantasy Novella
Best Fantasy Short Story
Best Humorous SF Story
Best Fantasy Poem
Best Sequel in a Fantasy Series
Best Fantasy Cover

Best Interview

And since we wish to honor all the fine work that has gone before, we will also issue Archive Awards for each of the 15 above categories as well – any copyright date from the past 7 years, just to be arbitrary.

But wait, there’s more! Since Awards should be iconic, distinctive works of art, even the 2 dimensional ones, we request YOUR designs for The Nameless Zine’s Best ____ Certificate  and Honorable Mention Certificate.
All themes welcome, but a special request for a Fantasy Certificate: the 3 Norns at the root of Yggdrasil, sprinkling  the healing waters on the tree. Bonus points if they resemble Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch.
If your contribution is not immediately selected, do not lose heart; we might change the design form year to year if the submissions are so wondrous as to warrant it.

Send yur nominations to awards@westernsfa.org

Thank-you, readers and artists, and happy holidays to all.

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