WesterCon 57



Additional Guest Information page (A thru L)

Durlyn Alexander


Durlyn took private art lessons while still going to school in the 60’s and then during the next 20 years she spent raising her kids. By the time the end of the 80’s came along she finally was able to get back to her artwork.  She teamed up with Gail Butler who was her mentor and best friend.  During those years she was able to run several art shows and art programming for the local conventions and a westercon art shows.  Now from 1990 and up she is spending her time creating a business she can retire on. Her goal is to create pieces that have as yet to be done and in a world filled with wonderful artists everywhere it is getting harder to do.  The most wonderful time is spending quality time with other artists talking about goals and problem solving.

Jennifer Ashley aka Ashley Gardner


I've published several stories in sci-fi fantasy magazines and mass market anthologies (such as Sword and Sorceress). I am also a full-time mystery author, writing Regency-set mysteries for Berkley. In my spare time, I filk.

Earl Billick

Specializing in "techno-art", I've done lots of original artwork sold at cons, illustrations for Steve Jackson Games "Car Wars" and innumerable convention program books as well. I've long been behind-the-scenes at many of the conventions from days of yore (just ask some of the folks from yore).  I was a "Special Artist Guest" at LepreCon (one of the teens) along with my lovely artist wife Deborah Dedon.A Knight and Laurel in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I've written a number of humorous essays on life in the "current middle ages."  A true Renaissance man, I have WAY too many hobbies (from blacksmithing to woodworking) and WAY too little time to do them in.  If I won the lottery they would hear the *pop* of displaced air from my speedy departure from the office.

Pam Binder

Before Pam Binder knew there was such a thing as time travel romance, the Issaquah, Washington, author crafted stories that knew no literary boundaries. She wrote, simply, stories that spoke to her from a full heart and a mind intrigued by the concept that "Time is an illusion and love, the only reality". That's why her stories were, and continue to be, a seamless blend of yesterday and today. Of modern-day heroes and heroines and their determined historical counterparts. They blend humor with suspense, Celtic legends and mysticism with a dollop of contemporary realism. Her heroines, like Celtic women in medieval times, strap on weapons and battle for what they believe. And they inspire male warriors to excel on the battlefield -- and in the bedroom.

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff


Five fantasy novels and a plethora of short fiction in Analog, Interzone, Realms of Fantasy, Amazing Stories and anthologies.  Two CD releases one Filk/Parody "RetroRocket Science" and one original
"Manhattan Sleeps." Winner of 2002 Pegasus Music award for best parody: "Knights in White Satin"
I devour information on psychology, history, science and psuedo-science.  Good with soy sauce--Yum!

Janet Borkowski

Janet Borkowski is the heir to the Russian throne.  Or would be , if there weren't about 1500 other people ahead of her .  She is better known as an award winning costumer and beadwork artist from Portland, Oregon.  Janet currently is caregiver to her elderly mother, and trying(!),  desperately, to remodel their  1945 house.  When she actually has spare time she does amateur radio theater readings with friends and has appeared in fan films made by other friends ( her impersonation of Laurence  Fishbourne is legendary, just ask her!) as well as helping write for the above mentioned productions.  She has also been known to sleep on occasion.

Mike Cassidy

I helped create "Junk Box Wars" and "What's That Byte ?".

Mitchell Burnside Clapp


Mitchell Burnside Clapp is a graduate of MIT and the Air Force Test Pilot School. He is now the CEO of Pioneer Rocketplane (http://www.rocketplane.com) and is working to develop low cost rocketplanes that can be used for launching satellites and for high speed transportation over large distances on the Earth. He's been involved in SF since his 1973 purchase (now autographed) of the novelization of "Escape from the Planet of The Apes" by Jerry Pournelle. He is principally known as the author of several filksongs, including "Red Star, Rising," a song about the development of space from the Russian point of view, "Falling Down on New Jersey," a much parodied parody of an updated whaling chanty involving an asteroid mining mishap, and "Hangar My Heart," a love song written for his first anniversary in lieu of getting his wife anything more expensive or tangible. He has also appeared as a minor or red shirt character in several SF novels, including "Q-in-Law" by Peter David, "War of Honor" by David Weber, and in disguise, in the "The Vor Game" by Lois McMaster Bujold.

T. J. Burnside Clapp

TJ Burnside Clapp is best known as a filk musician, author of the popular filk standards "Lullaby for a Weary World" and "Weekend Only World" (and she assures us she can also write songs that don't have multiple W's in the title). She is a former member of the group Technical Difficulties (well-known for their tight three-part harmonies and onstage schtick) who produced two recordings, "Please Stand By" and "Station Break." TJ is a multiple winner of the Pegasus Award for filk excellence as both a performer and a songwriter. She first served on a convention committee at the age of 15 (running the costume call and filking for August Party, a Washington, D.C. Star Trek con) and has been a committee member, fan and filk GoH at dozens more cons over the last 25 years in the US, Canada, and the UK. TJ was a pioneer in the field of telecommuting and worked as a software technical support consultant for over 12 years from her home, while raising her three children (with husband Mitchell Burnside Clapp). After being laid off in 2001, she is now a full time homeschooling mom, teaching her older two kids an eclectic curriculum that includes plenty of SF and filk where appropriate.

Sarah Clemens



Jim Cobb

James Cobb lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he writes both the Amanda Garrett technothriller series and the Kevin Pulaski 50’s suspense mysteries, not to mention the occasional odd bit of science fiction and fantasy.  When not so involved he enjoys long road trips, collecting classic military firearms and accumulating the legends and lore of the great American hotrod. He may also be frequently found pandering shamelessly to the whims of “Lisette,” his classic 1960 Ford Thunderbird.

Brenda Cooper


I've written five short pieces with Larry Niven that have been published in Analog and/or Asimov's, and have had my own short fiction appear in an anthology, in Analog, and the Salal Review (a local literature mag.).  Pending publication of another story in Strange Horizons.

Kevin Dahl


Kevin Dahl is executive director of Native Seeds/SEARCH, a nonprofit conservation group that works to preserve seeds of crops grown by Native Americans in the U.S. Southwest and northwest Mexico.  He earned his ethnobotany degree from Prescott College, where he now serves as an adjunct professor.  An avid reader of Science Fiction since childhood, his only published works are non-fiction, including the book, Wild Foods of the Sonoran Desert, and an article entitled "Corn Soot Woman's Timeless Lesson: Eat Your Smut."

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury is the director of the Science  Fiction and Fantasy Workshop, a national network for new and aspiring science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers.  She edits and publishes their monthly newsletter, for which she writes a marketing column (it's available as a free PDF file--download it at www.burgoyne.com/pages/workshop).  She also organizes online writers groups at Orson Scott Card's science fiction and fantasy website,  http://www.hatrack.com.  She is the wife of a chemical engineer and the mother of three girls and two cats.  She earned a B.A. degree in mathematics and an M.E. degree in mechanical engineering, both from the University of Utah.  She has taught a short story writing course for her local high community school and has done first reading for a few fiction magazines.  She recently started a part-time computer genealogy business (she helps people put their genealogy on computer).  She collects dragons, unusual names, and information about her ancestors.

She has six short stories published:  "Cinders of the Great War" in Volume 9 of L. RON HUBBARD PRESENTS THE WRITERS OF THE FUTURE (edited by Dave Wolverton and published by Bridge Publications),  "Signs and Wonders" in WASHED BY A WAVE OF WIND, SCIENCE FICTION FROM THE CORRIDOR (edited by M. Shayne Bell and published by Signature Books),  "More Than Marks on Paper" in TURNING HEARTS, STORIES ON FAMILY LIFE (edited by Orson Scott Card and David Dolahite and published by Bookcraft),  "A Monstrous Duty" in MAGIC: THE GATHERING DISTANT PLANES (edited by Kathy Ice and published by HarperPrism),  "What the Gods Will" in SWORD AND SORCERESS 13 (edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley and published by DAW Books), and  "The Smell of Magic" in SWORD AND SORCERESS 15 (also edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley and published by DAW Books).

Michael D'Ambrosio


I enjoy science fiction, fantasy or horror movies and novels.  Besides writing the Fractured Time Trilogy, I've begun screenwriting as well.  The Fractured Time screenplay is being considered by several motion picture companies.  I've begun writing the screenplay for Twisted Fate as well as the first novel in a new series.

Liz Danforth


I have spent 25 years as a working artist in the sf/f genre, particularly in the game industry.  I have also been magazine editor (Sorcerer's Apprentice for 7 years), writer (fiction and games), and game developer.  I am a member of the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design Hall of Fame (1996).  I have illustrated maps in a number of authors' novels, and illustrated stories in Jennifer Roberson's HIGHWAYMEN anthology.  I have painted around 150 cards for the collectible card game market, about 1/3 of which were done for Magic: the Gathering. Next year (2005) I have been selected to be the Artist Guest of Honor at NASFIC in Seattle.

Sue Dawe


Freelance fantasy artist for 24 years, and costumer. Have been published by Mead (back to school products), Franklin Mint (plates, 3-D objects), Landmark General (calendars), Impact Images (posters), Milk & Honey (greeting cards) Cactus Games (ccg), etc. Also, have participated and won various masquerades, including Worldcon, and judged at many, including Loscon, Westercon, Comic-con International..

Emily Devenport

As Emily Devenport I wrote SHADE, LARISSA, SCORPIANNE, EGGHEADS, THE KRONOS CONDITION, GODHEADS. My stories appeared in ASIMOV'S, ABORIGINAL SF, and the FULL SPECTRUM anthology. Aboriginal readers voted me a Boomerang Award for most popular short story.

As Maggy Thomas I wrote BROKEN TIME, which was nominated for a Phillip K. Dick Award.  As Lee Hogan I wrote BELARUS and ENEMIES.  I am currently at work on a new book proposal.

Matthew Dockrey


I'm the guitarist for the filk group Escape Key: http://www.cyphertext.net/escapekey/.
I make low budget SF movies: http://studios.midgard.org/.
I helped design, build and program a freefall robot, and tested it on the vomit comet last year: http://depts.washington.edu/gyre/.
I'm the author of the 'Spiritrover' blog: http://www.livejournal.com/users/spiritrover/.

Michelle Dockrey


Amateur artist, interested in doing mostly children's & some fantasy illustration

Raymund Eich

I'm a science fiction writer with stories published in Odyssey and (forthcoming) Terra Incognita.  I will also attend the Clarion West writing workshop in the summer of 2001. The link above will tell you more about me and my work.

Rick Enloe

I am an award winning northwest artist

E. T. Ellison


My first novel (even though it got branded "slipstream") earned some kudos, including: named to January Magazine's list of 92 Best Books of 2002; Book of the Year 2002 gold award for Science Fiction from Foreword Magazine (voice of independent and university presses).

Jane Fancher


I'm an author in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.  I've also been known to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and do a bit of  doodling.  My interests are varied, from horses to computers, History to Quantum Physics.

Jan Howard Finder

Let's see, I've run cons, auctioned at charity & art auctions, MCed, Judged & been in Masquerades, done panels & workshops at cons, FGoH & Toastmaster at a number of cons, & give the bast backrubs north of the south pole.  Oh yes, I was one of the Honored Guests at the 1993 World Science Fiction convention.  I'm a Gentleman of Leisure/Destitute Playboy/Bum

Wolf Forrest

Contributor (as writer) to many periodicals in the sf/horror/fantasy field, like CINEFANTASTIQUE and MIDNIGHT MARQUEE.  Ran the art show and the film/video room at Tus-Con for many years.  Did a Mars mural for the 2000 International Space development conference in Tucson.

Nancy Louise Freeman


Singer/songwriter Nancy Louise Freeman was born in Tacoma, Washington, and worked briefly as a pickle-sorter and later as host of a world beat radio show on a 10-watt college station before world beat music existed, before moving to Arizona some 20 years ago.

In 1999, Nan completed her "fantasy novel in song", the folk opera Stardust County, which premiered to a packed house at Fiddler's Dream Coffee House in Phoenix, and has been performed several times since in Phoenix and Tucson. Her latest album is Blues for Dumuzi, produced by Jeff Bohnhoff and also featuring the talents of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff and Debbie Baudoin.

Janice Gelb


Janice Gelb blew into fandom at the appropriately nicknamed HurriCon (SunCon, the 1977 worldcon). Since then, she has participated in numerous apas and has worked on many conventions, notably running Program Ops at MagiCon and the Millenium Philcon, serving as Assistant Division Head of Events at ConFrancisco, and running the Hugo ceremony at LAcon III. She was the 1999 DUFF North American representative at Aussiecon 3 where, in a fit of madness, she also volunteered to run Program Ops.

In the Real World, she is a senior developmental editor at Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley.

James C. Glass


Jim was the Grand Prize Winner in Writers of the Future in 1990. Since then he's sold five novels and thirty-plus stories, appearing in magazines such as ABORIGINAL S.F., and ANALOG. His current book THE CREATORS is the third book of the SHANJI trilogy. SHANJI is now out in reprint from ereads.com A collection of his published short fiction, "Matrix dreams and other Stories" has just come out from Fairwood Press. A novelet of his is in the March issue of ANALOG, and two other stories are in press with that magazine. Jim is a retired physics professor and dean at Eastern Washington University. Wife Gail is a costumer, drummer and healing dancer.

Scott Glener

Raconteur, bon vivant, and renaissance man are all words that Scott Glener has misspelled.  Not having any artistic or writing inclination, he has focused his convention career on behind the scene activities.  As a public journeyman of fandom he runs TusCon programming and has been involved with the Arizona WesterCon bid, but he is much better now.

Lynn Gold


1. Filking (performer and writer)
2. Running cons and bids for them
3. Long-time Internet denizen (over 20 years)

I'm a tech writer (when I can get work in that field these days), and I'm a weekend/holiday radio news reporter/anchor at KLIV-AM, Silicon Valley's News Station.  I play musical instruments, carry a portable MIDI studio with me (it fits on my shoulders, which are pretty small), I'm chair of Consonance, the SF Bay Area's Filk con, and President of FanFare Music, its parent 501c3.

Hugh S. Gregory

Spaceflight Historian
Hugh S. Gregory, a Soviet and Russian Spaceflight Historian, who also follows other countries space program's, has been lecturing as a "Pro" Panellist Guest on the Con circuit for over 15 years now, including 10 World Cons. This is Hugh's 2nd Phoenix Westercon. Back at Westercolt .45 '92 he presented slide show lectures on Australia's deep space science and spacecraft communications facilities. This time around among his panels he will be a lecture on the efforts of the newest member of the manned spaceflight capable nations club, China!

Roberta Gregory


Have been creating comics with fantasy themes since 1970s, writing fantasy trilogy Mother Mountain based on graphic novel Winging It published in 1999.   Consultant for TV animated cartoon series based on my Bitchy Bitch character.

Larry Hallock

Rilla Heslin

Windbourne (Rilla Heslin etal.) has been a Filk/Folk groupsince 1987 and has released three albums so far  Our music can beheard on Live 365 Filk Radio as well as other independent radio stations.  We have performed for Westercons, WorldCons, ConChords,Consonances, LosCons, Condor, for over ten years at Comic Con San Diego and numerous other Southern California conventions as well as Folk Festivals, Coffee houses, live radio programs and school functions.

Callie Hills


In science fiction fandom, I have been active for several years in a musical duo called Echo's Children.  We perform "filk" music, which is music about science fiction and fantasy subjects.  We've produced four CDs of our original music, three songs of which were included on the very first Baen Free Library CD which was included in the first hardback printing of David M. Weber's "War of Honor".  At the moment I think I'm the only person in filkdom with a bass flute, and my motto re music is, "have flutes, will travel".

Blake Hodgetts


I am a filk musician and have given many concerts at conventions around the country, particularly along the Pacific Coast.  I have released a CD of original music called "Blindsight".

Ernest Hogan

Novels: CORTEZ ON JUPITER, HIGH AZTECH, & SMOKING MIRROR BLUES. Short fiction in AMAZING, ANALOG, SCIENCE FICTION AGE & other publications.  "The Frankenstein Penis" filmed as "Phallocrat" available as a special feature on the DVD, HELLCHILD: THE WORLD OF NICK LYON.  "Coyote Goes Hollywood" from the anthology WITPUNK nominated for the 2003 British Science Fiction Association award.  "Novaheads" online in the November 2003 issue of <lostpages.net>. I'm also a artist and have published illustrations, cartoons and done magazine covers.

Mark Horning

Mark E. Horning works as a physicist for the United States Air Force Research Lab. His specific areas of expertise are optics and Night Vision technology.

He is known as an acomplished Filker and expert in aerospace matters and has been gaming since before the Advanced was added to Dungeons and Dragons.

Bobbie Benton Hull


Bobbie Benton Hull, AKA Roberta Layne, was born, raised, and currently lives in Yakima, Washington. She is a Soil Scientist by education, a full time mom by choice, and a writer by the grace of the Great Spirit, who is known by many names.

When not writing, she fills her time as a 4-H volunteer, being a project leader in sheep and rabbits. Raising her own sheep, she spins her own wool. She also makes Native American style baskets, and is an award winning costumer as well.

Her first professional sale was in 1998 to "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds." Deciding to write in her own universe, her first novel, "Journey to Mars," will be released in December of '04. It is the first in the young adult series, "Missionary Kids Adventures." Currently, she is nearly complete with the second novel in the "Missionary Kids" series, "Mars Station: Alpha One," which will be released in conjunction with the first book in the series.

Because of content, Bobbie also writes under the pen name of Roberta Layne for her adult novels, the first of which, "Forever," a coming of age novel (or trilogy) taking place in the '70's, will hopefully have a home soon.

Walter H. Hunt


I am the author of three science fiction novels from Tor Books - The Dark Wing, The Dark Path, and The Dark Ascent (Tor 2004). A fourth book in the tetralogy, The Dark Crusade, will be published by Tor in 2005. These works have been compared favorably to the work of Orson Scott Card, C. S. Forester, and the _Babylon 5_ television series. Hugo winner Robert J. Sawyer has dubbed me "the new master of military science fiction."

Keith G. Kato

2004 will be the 30th Anniversary year of the (ahem) most famous (semi-closed) party in SF circles, the "Keith Kato Chili Party."  (For a description, see John Hertz's Torcon 3 report.)  I was also the Head Instructor at the Orange County Karate Club (now closed), teaching traditional Shotokan karate-do.  I presently teach about 2 hours per week at a local public school, half the time devoted to karate instruction, the other half to science instruction, for second graders.  My Ph.D. was in plasma physics, and my dissertation advisor was SF author Gregory Benford. Benford and Dave Brin killed me off in the very first sentence of their novel "Heart of the Comet."  I also see a lot of live theater.

Paul Kennedy

Lee Kessler

I have spent eleven years in stage combat, specializing in heavy weapons and armored combat.  I have worked for faires and special events ranging from my home in the Seattle area to Hartford Conneticut.  I have attending international workshops on the subject and learned from stage combat directors from New Zealand, Canada, and Europe.  Recently, my 'stage persona' was used as a villain in an Iron Man comic for three issues and that was a huge boost to me (even if someone did add 8 inches to my height).

Louise M. Kleba

Louise is an Electrical Engineer working at the Kennedy Space Center in the Flight Crew Operations Directorate Vehicle Integration Test Office. Her responsibilities in this capacity include sharp edge inspection of flight hardware for crew safety, fit check of space walk tools to flight hardware, assembly and test verification of hardware, crew coordination for test and checkout activities, and photo/video documentation of Space Station Hardware and Operations. She was prime crew representative for the STS-100 and STS-102 missions to the International Space Station and STS-109, the Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission. Her current assignment is to continue to represent the STS-114 crew for America’s return to space.

Louise is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering (1984) and received her Master’s degree in Technical Management from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2002). She is a recipient of numerous awards from NASA and industry including the Astronaut Office’s Silver Snoopy (2001) and is a November 2003 recipient of a Sequoyah Fellowship from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.

Nicole Givens Kurtz

Nicole Givens Kurtz's novels, Browne Candidate, and The Soul Cages, have been nominated for both Dream Realm Awards and EPPIE's (Browne Candidate was a finalist in SF). She is also the publisher of Mocha Memoirs Ezine of Short Fiction and Poetry and an adjunct professor for the University of New Mexico, Gallup. Her short stories have appeared in Anotherealm, Orpheus Romance, Jackhammer Ezine and Dragon Soup. The Midwest Review's Cindy Penn has hailed her as a powerful voice in women's fiction. In addition, she is a member of the National Association of Women Writers, Critters Workshop and the state representative for the Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC).

Tony Laconte

Amateur astronomer who's going to do a Stargazing event for us on Saturday night.

Meghan Lancaster


Meg Lambert

I freelance as a cover artist and illustrator.

Deborah Larson


I produce wearable art.  Not just costumes, but garments with embroidered and appliqued art on them.I'm an award winning commercial embroidery designer, a job often called a "digitizer".

My hobbies include needleworks throught the ages. I'm an active member of the SCA and participate in assorted fairs with Red Griffin Productions, a company that stages living chess boards, among other things.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Current novels for July 2004 are (May 2004) DREAMSPY by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and (July 1 2004) Sime~Gen: To Kiss Or To Kill by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg -- nonfiction anthology due out in October 2004 with articles by Jean and me both has yet to be given a title.

http://www.simegen.com/writers/simegen/ for availability of new Sime~Gen volumes.

Now residing in Arizona, Jacqueline Lichtenberg was born in New York, grew up in California, was married in Israel while working as a Chemist at Israel Mining Industries, and raised her children in New York.

She has a daughter in the Air Force, and another daughter who changed careers from computer programmer to Counselor.  Both are married,  so far only one granddaughter.  Jacqueline has always had far ranging interests and made hobbies of everything from Archery to Zen.  For more than 20 years she has been practicing and teaching Tarot and Astrology.  But her main life’s focus has always been on science fiction and fantasy.  Realizing that Star Trek was the first real sf on TV, she launched a five year research project on why fans wouldn’t let that show die.  That project became the Bantam Paperback Star Trek Lives!   She founded Star Trek Welcommittee to answer the fan mail from that book.  Jacqueline wrote her first professional sf novel, House of Zeor using her Star Trek theory to design the main character to appeal to Spock fans.  House of Zeor is footnoted in Star Trek Lives! to prove her theory.  House of Zeor was in print continuously for 21 years, and is now reprinted in Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy.  The fandom generated by Sime~Gen has replicated in miniature the lifecycle of Star Trek fandom, complete with a con, arts and crafts, five  print fanzines, several online publications, and a fandom that kept on creating Sime~Gen fiction  even while no novels were in print.  The “Next Gen” phase for Sime~Gen has just begun with the Meisha Merlin reprints and new novels in the series.

In Short:
·       18 Novels + 1 under contract 14 short stories, many translations and reprints.
·       Nonfiction: Bantam Paperback Star Trek Lives!  & The Biblical Tarot.
·       Creator of Sime~Gen
·       Reviewer for New Age Publication for 10 years
·       Co-founder of online writing school WorldCrafters Guild
·       Experienced convention speaker

The Vampire Connection
While Molt Brother and City of a Million Legends come from her Occult scholarship, Jacqueline rooted Sime~Gen in the Vampire Archetype.  Winning the Romantic Times Award for her sf novel Dushau, she combined these elements in sf-vampire-romance  Those of My Blood and Dreamspy.  Meanwhile, Andre Norton invited her to contribute a fantasy-vampire to the Tales of The Witch World.  Combining occult scholarship with the vampire myth she created a unique fantasy vampire.
Prequels to that story have been published, and are now being collected in audiobook format.

Jane Lindskold


When asked, Jane Lindskold admits, "I write about things that fascinate me, and since what fascinates me varies widely, so do my books."  Lindskold's most recent publications include The Buried Pyramid, an archeological adventure novel set in 1870's Egypt and The Dragon of Despair, third in her increasingly popular "Firekeeper Saga."  The Firekeeper Saga has been called "hard fantasy" because of its detailed world-building.  It is centered on the evolving story of Firekeeper, a young woman raised by wolves, who seems to be a catalyst for change.  Lindskold's other works include the urban fantasies Changer and Legends Walking.  For more information, check out her website at www.janelindskold.com.

Jean Lorrah


Creator of the SAVAGE EMPIRE universe.
Co-author with Jacqueline Lichtenberg of the Sime~Gen books; co-owner of Sime~Gen Inc. and simegen.com.
Author of BLOOD WILL TELL, award-winning vampire novel.
Professor of English, Murray State University

Meisha Merlin plans to debut the new Sime~Gen novel, TO KISS OR TO KILL, at WesterCon. This volume contains the main novel and a short story by me, and a novella, PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE, by Jacqueline--all brand-new never published before material.

The first volume of reprints of my Savage Empire books, SAVAGE EMPIRE: DARK MOON RISING, will also be out by then, from BenBella Books.

L. Pierce Ludke

  She can’t claim to be famous; just persistent in showing her work at a few local Science Fiction conventions for about the past twenty years.  She graduated with a degree in Graphic design.  Currently she is working at a large airplane company as a technical designer (read ‘drafter’) within Liaison (oops -- now it’s called Production Support) engineering.  Her ‘real life’ work is about resolving problems resulting from mistakes occurring on the shop floor or with the engineering design itself, with the focus being on the wing.  Graphic design to basic engineering - who could have guessed?

  Additional interests that provide fuel to her creativity include reading SF, myths (and about mythic figures - especially the Trickster archetype) along with books on traditional and digital art/software. She isn’t sure what she’ll be doing in another twenty years but likes to think it won’t be dull.

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