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Additional Guest Information page (M thru Z)

Pat MacEwen

Pat MacEwen is a forensic anthropologist and general fan of skulls, bones and other more intricate body parts.  A devotee of science fiction, fantasy and horror, she has had short stories and novellas published in several anthologies and in magazines like F&SF.

Sandy Manning

I spend 9 months a year teaching on a small island in Alaska about 2.5 miles from Russia that is accessable only by helicopter for 9 to 10 months a year.  It is accessable by plane only when the ocean has frozen enough to have an ice runway.  The other 3 months a year I live in Fairbanks, AK or am travelling visiting people in the lower 48.  I am primairly a Math/Science Teacher but have been involved in costuming for over 25 years in various capacities.  For the past 20 years or so, I've worked Masquarades on a local, regional, and world basis.  I'm usually working backstage.

Louise Marley


Seven novels published by Ace Science Fiction, with a new YA novel due out from Firebird in 2005. My novel The Glass Harmonica was an Endeavour Award winner, tying with Ursula K. LeGuin.  My novels The Terrorists of Irustan and The Maquisarde were both nominees for that award, and Terrorists of Irustan was on the preliminary Nebula ballot in 1999.  All three of these novels were selected by VOYA Magazine for their best-of list, and The Maquisarde was a BookSense Top 76 pick for January, 2003.

Marty Massoglia


SF Bibliographic works, SF Book Seller, SF Trivia, Regency Dancing

Todd McCaffrey


Todd Johnson McCaffrey wrote his first science-fiction story when he was twelve and has been writing on and off ever since. His books include the Pern books "Dragonsblood", "Dragon's Kin" (with Anne McCaffrey), the non-fiction work, "Dragonholder." He was a contributor (as Todd Johnson) to the "Dragonlover's Guide to Pern". Todd has written numerous military science-fiction stories and for television (both as Todd Johnson). He has designed one board game and consulted on the design of several others. An avid pilot, he financed his flying with his writing - and now has over three hundred hours of flight time, including two solo cross-continent flights in a Piper Tomahawk and numerous hours of aerobatics. A sixteen-year veteran of the software industry, Todd started writing full-time in 2002. Todd holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tinity College, Dublin, and has completed numerous advanced classes in orbital mechanics and spacecraft systems.

Loretta McKibben

For many years I have organized space-related and weather-related educational events, and have taught space exploration, astronomy and model rocketry to kids in science museums and other venues. Since 1997 I have been a NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador, organizing public events and providing resources to teachers and schools about solar system exploration missions. I am also a volunteer telescope operator and educator at the Flandrau Science Center in Tucson.
So far unpublished, I write science fiction and fantasy novels.

Dennis L. McKiernan



Henry Melton


Henry Melton is a traveler, spending half of the year on the road in an internet-enabled RV, writing science fiction novels and short stories while his wife Mary Ann photographs nature. His latest short fiction has been published in ANALOG and he is busily writing his next novel, a science-fiction juvenile "Lighter Than Air".  Prior to the tech industry collapse, he was an innovator in the earliest stages of the web and his published fiction from the seventies and eighties anticipated many features of today's internet. Visit HenryMelton.com and read some of those older stories.

Michael R. Mennenga

Darragh Metzger


Darragh Metzger, songwriter/arranger for A Little Knight Music and The Badb, and a rabid filker, makes her living in the world's two lowest-paying professions; acting and writing.  She has spent the last several years wearing armor and funny clothes, riding horses, and swinging swords with The Seattle Knights.  A long-standing member of the Fairwood Writer's Group, she has two novels, The Triads: Book One of the Triads of Tir na n'Og and The Triads of Tir na n'Og: Tales from Opa, out in hardback in April of 2004, and a third novel, The Strawberry Roan, set for release this summer.  She is married to artist/fight director Dameon Willich, who loves her writing but hates filk.  Mixed marriages are tough.

Patrick Millikin

Tee Morris


Tee Morris has always been a writer at heart. In high school, his original satirical piece, Forensics: Why Bother?, won him the title at the 1987 Mid-Atlantic Forensic and Debate Invitational.  His writing appeared on stage and in print at James Madison University where he received his degree in Mass Communications and Theatre, and at The Maryland Renaissance Festival, one of the largest festivals of its kind on the East Coast. Through his love of theatre and the portrayal of the character Rafe Rafton, his historical fantasy epic (and writing career) would take shape.  Along with MOREVI, his science-fiction short story, "Asleep at the Wheel," was featured in the 2002 CrossTIME Anthology, available at Crossquarter Publishing. During MOREVI's rewrites, he was invited to contribute to The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy, written by the members of the IFWA (Internet Fantasy Writers Association). Originally an eBook from Twilight Times, The Complete Guide is now available in print from Dragon Moon Press.  MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe & Askana, released from Dragon Moon Press, is the debut work of Tee and Miss Lisa Lee, his writing partner across the globe. The success of MOREVI and THE COMPLETE GUIDE has led Tee to writing and completing his first solo novel, BILLIBUB BADDINGS AND THE CASE OF THE SINGING SWORD which is currently slated for a 2004 release with Dragon Moon Press. Also in the works is ENDANGERED SPECIES, a collaborative Science Fiction-Horror work (There he goes again -- crossing those genres!!!) with EPIE-nominated Author Tony Ruggiero.  And yes, LEGACY OF MOREVI is underway...

Mike Moscoe-Shepherd

I sold a three book contract from the slush pile! It's time travel back to 6000 years ago to put an end to war by helping the peaceful farmes win the first one -- is well researched and puts me on the opposite end of most discussions about our evolutionary history and the importance of violence to it. My Jump Point novels are Military SF with rivits.  No point and click space travel, my navagators have to sweat out gravity and fuel.  As do my ship fighters.

I'm retired from 10 years of designing databases to track the threatened and endangered species in the Pacific NW Forests.  Boy do I know Spotted Owls and Salmon.  Before that I was a labor negotiator and personnel specialist for 20 years.  But driving a cab and bar tending have to take the cake for jobs you don't want. I spend time reading, writing, and watching grandkids for story ideas.  Oh, and upgrading my computer.

D.L. Mullan


Inspired by such artists as Picasso, Renoir, Escher, Monet, van Gogh and Chagall, Dawn composes archival art combining her love of art, technology, and astronomy.   Recently, Dawn began exhibiting her brand of science fiction themed art work known as Spacescapes.   Though art is a focus, Dawn has many other unique skills and abilities from facilitating panel discussions to presenting lectures, web designing to desktop publishing, acting in film to stage managing plays, writing articles to creating program books.   Award winning poet and artist, D.L. Mullan is a native of the (North) American Southwest and enjoys fandom, attending conventions, and creating websites.

Pati Nagle

I write some SF but mostly fantasy.  My short story "Coyote Ugly," involving the Santa Fe "mythological" figure Zozobra (20th century invention, actually), was a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award.

I have also written four historical novels about the Civil War in the Far West, including CW events in what is now Arizona. These are published by Tor/Forge under the byline P.G. Nagle.

Vera Nazarian


Vera Nazarian immigrated to the USA from the former USSR as a kid. She sold her first short story at the age of 17 and since then has published numerous works of speculative short fiction in anthologies and magazines such as the Sword and Sorceress and Darkover series edited by the late Marion Zimmer Bradley, MZBFM, Talebones, OUTSIDE THE BOX, On-Spec, THE AGE OF REASON, Fictionwise.com, BEYOND THE LAST STAR, STRANGE PLEASURES #2, and has seen her work on Preliminary Nebula Award Ballots, honorably mentioned in Gardner Dozois' YEAR'S BEST SF volumes, and translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, and Hungarian.  She is an active SFWA member, and made her novelist debut last year with the critically acclaimed mythic fantasy DREAMS OF THE COMPASS ROSE (Wildside Press, May 2002). Her second novel, epic fantasy LORDS OF RAINBOW (Betancourt & Company, March 2003) about a world without color is available now.  Look for her upcoming novella THE CLOCK KING AND THE QUEEN OF THE HOURGLASS, with an introduction by Charles de Lint, in a signed limited edition from PS Publishing, forthcoming in 2004-2005.

Janeen O'Kerry


I am the author of seven fantasy romances from Dorchester Publishing, with two more under contract.

Cary Osborne


Currently residing in Norman, Oklahoma, I have lived in much of the country.  A Southerner at heart, though, I sometimes long for the history, big trees, and old homes of Virginia.  Some of my friends find it strange that I write science fiction depicting a far future and have such a love for the past. But I also write some fantasy and I'm currently working on an alternate history about the Civil War (what else?).  I've been accused of having a crush on George Washington; however, I deny everything.

Rod Ossowski

Challenger Space Center

Carole I. Parker

Carole has worked her way up the publications ladder. She started out as a typesetter, newsletter editor, technical editor, and finally, senior technical writer. Currently, Carole is involved with two software startups, and she is hoping that one of them will start earning money soon.

Being detail oriented, Carole got into costuming. After being a den mom for more than a fifteen years at local, regional, and WorldCons, Carole competed in her first WorldCon masquerade at TorCon. She won a workmanship award for her dye work on Redwood Fairie. Carole also enjoys filking after the partying is done.

Earl W. Parrish (Brian Gross)

I have a short story published in the horror anthology "Extremes 4: Darkest Africa" by Brian Hopkins (the anthology was nominated for a Stoker award).

I'm a Certified Paranormal Investigator (by the American Institute of Parapsychology run by Dr. Andrew Nichols).

Kevin Radthorne


Kevin Radthorne is the author of _The Road to Kotaishi_ (Windstorm Creative, 2002), whose array of characters, both honorable and devious, populate the Asian-themed fantasy world of Tonogato.  The second in The Tales of Tonogato series, _The Sands of Sabakushi_, will be released in 2004.  Kevin spends his days working as a computer programmer for one of the world’s largest video game companies (hint: their mascot is a cheerful, cherubic, rather short plumber), and he enjoys meeting readers at conventions and speaking to writers' groups.  At his website, www.KevinRadthorne.com, you can peruse the complete first chapter of _The Road to Kotaishi_.

Robert Reginald

Gee, I'm still alive! Author of 93 published books and about 13,000 published short pieces (have sold eleven or twelve million words). Editor of 650 volumes for a variety of publishers. Have been a professional writer and editor since 1970. Did the standard biblio of science fiction and fantasy literature. Publisher of Borgo Press (1974-99). Wrote an awful lot of schtuff which has now disappeared into a black hole somewhere. Wrote Codex Derynianus (with Katherine Kurtz, 1998), a copy of which just sold on eBay for $2905. Did I mention I was still alive?

Mike Reilly

Cary Riall

Kevin Roche


Kevin Roche has been costuming since he was 4 years old; his costumes have a disconcerting tendency to not only glow and rotate, but occasionally go venturing off to explore strange new worlds all on their own. In his secret identity as a research scientist at IBM's Almaden Research Center, Kevin has been exploring the nanoscopic world of spintronics for over 20 years.

Kevin recently parlayed his talents as a song and dance man into a successful bid to be elected Emperor 34 of San Jose, and can look forward to spending all his free time during the next year working his tail off for charity as the "Sapphire and Steel Leather Emperor" of the Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy of San Jose, Inc.


Selina Rosen


Selina Rosen lives in rural Arkansas with her partner, her parrot, Ricky, assorted fish and fowl  both inside and out, several milk goats, an undetermined number of barn cats and two dogs.  Besides writing and taking care of the farm, she’s a gardener, carpenter, rock mason, electrician (NOT a plumber), Torah scholar and sword fighter.  In her spare time she creates water gardens and builds furniture.   Selina’s work has appeared in several anthologies including Thieves’ World: Turning Points, Sword and Sorceress 16, and Such A Pretty Face.  Her published novels include Queen of Denial, Recycled, Chains of  Freedom, Chains of Destruction, Hammer Town, Fire & Ice, The Host, Fright Eater, Gang Approval, and a novella entitled The Boatman.  She has three new novels scheduled to premier in May of the next three years:  Chains of Redemption (April, 2004), Strange Robby (September, 2004), and The Big Trash (April, 2005).

Jonathan Vos Post


Almost 900 publications, presentations, and broadcasts, with co-authors/co-editors/co-broadcasters including: Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman. I'm part of a 3-generation Science Fiction dynasty. My father published dozens of big name writers, including H. P. Lovecraft, Phillip K. Dick, Poul Anderson, Fritz Leiber. My wife and I are both science professors and Active SFWA.  My 14-year-old son skipped high school completely, and gets straight A average in his 2nd year at University -- he's published, too.

David Silver


I'm a retired lawyer, living in Southern California, with wife and adult daughter.  I served in the Army 1960-66, in later years as an infantry officer, and attended university and law school on the Vietnam GI bill.  I practiced law until I retired.  While retired I founded an internet reading and chat group to reading and discuss the works of Robert Heinlein.  Ginny Heinlein came to lurk and asked me to become a board member of the newly-formed Heinlein Society.

Janni Lee Simner


Janni Lee Simner has sold more than 30 fantasy and science fiction short stories for children and adults, including magazines such as _Cricket_ and _Realms of Fantasy_, and anthologies such as _Chicks in Chainmail_ and _Sword of Ice_.  Her Phantom Rider trilogy was published by Scholastic, and her next book, _Tiernay West, Professional Adventurer_, will be published by Holiday House.

Michael A. Stackpole


Michael A. Stackpole is an award-winning novelist, game and computer game designer who has resided in the Valley of the Sun for a quarter century. His work include both Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, such as his eight New York Times Best Selling Star Wars® novels and his DragonCrown War cycle of fantasy novels. In his spare time he listens to Irish music, plays indoor soccer (which is why he'll be limping or otherwise injured on Monday) and rides a mountain bike. He also collects toy soldiers and reads a lot, since he has not had a television for the past three years.

Ken St. Andre


      Ken St. Andre is best known as the designer of Tunnels and Trolls,  the second fantasy role-playing game ever, and the first to actually be  copyrighted. Although it never made the big time like Dungeons and  Dragons, it has been translated and published all around the world in  places as diverse as Japan, Finland, France, Germany, and Italy. In  addition, Ken helped design Stormbringer (a game set in Michael  Moorcock's Young Kingdoms) and Wasteland, the first post-atomic war  computer role-playing game.

     Ken is also an active member of SFWA, with half a dozen stories published and paid for--find them if you can.  And he collects tarot decks and might give you a free reading if you're brave enough to ask him.

Marina Stern

I have published two folklore-based, nonfiction books about bringing the influence of the Fair Folk into daily life.  The first, "To Live with the Fairy Folk", addresses garden design.  The second, "The Fairy Party Book", gives directions for throwing parties, complete with recipes.  I have also published poetry on fantasy themes.  I am a full-time writer of fantasy, SF, and folklore-based nonfiction.  Previously, I have been a Registered Nurse, and a cook.  My fiction grows out of my reading.  When I am reading folklore, I write fantasy.  When I am reading science, I write SF.  My nonfiction grows out of my other hobbies, which are gardening, cooking, and entertaining. I have organized two active clubs within fandom.

Moira Stern


Singing harpist

David Tackett

Anita Taylor

Evo Terra


Tammy Tripp

Her art explores a variety of light fantasy themes that are often found to be appealing.

Michael Underwood

Michael Underwood frequently participates in panel discussions at various Southern California Science Fiction Conventions from Con Dor to Comic Con.  Of late, there has been much to say, mostly negative, about the works of J. R. R. Tolkien and the movies. As bad as the first two movies were "The Return of the King" takes the prize for being not only the worst adaptation of the story, but also just plain bad cinematography. He is also a member of the Mythopoeic Society and a published Tolkien Scholar.  His latest work, "Gagool and Gollum: Exemplars of Degeneration in 'King Solomon's Mines' and 'The Hobbit.' was published in the book "J. R. R. Tolkien and his Literary Resonances: Views of Middle-earth."

Larry Vela


My artwork Ilusion, Athena, Casseiopia as well as many other airbrushed artwork, many articles and covers featuring planes and cars that I painted in the Sci/Fi Fantasy themes.  Also the president of Velavision the news team of the Phoenix area Sci/Fi conventions.

John Vornholt

I'm probably best known for writing many Star Trek novels, and I also write a lot of YA books for kids, such as my Troll King series and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer books. In an earlier phase, I lived and worked in Hollywood for 17 years.

Vicki Visconti-Tilley



Chris Welborn

Michelle M. Welch


A native of Tucson, Arizona, Michelle M. Welch grew up writing and wrote her first “book” at the age of 9. Eventually she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, during an academic career that also included the study of music, history, and a Master’s in Library Science. She has participated in various music groups, playing a number of instruments and a repertoire that ranges from Classical to Irish fiddling to medieval and Renaissance music. She currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area and works as a reference librarian. Her first novel, Confidence Game, was published in 2003, and its sequel, The Bright and the Dark, is coming in August 2004.

John T. Wheeler


Facepainter for 3 years now. Has been a regualr at the William Shatner Charity Horse Show for the last 3 years as well as Glendale City Events & Local Conventions.

Randall Whitlock


Frequent masquerade costumer or Masquerade director, Newsletter Editor for
Southwest Costumers Guild and Corresponding Secretary for International
Costume Guild. I write for connotations and publish the "Randwulf's" line
of sewing patterns.

David A. Williams


Dr. David A. Williams is currently serving as a Faculty Research Associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University. He served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at ASU in 2001-2002, in which he cotaught Physical Geology and a graduate seminar in Planetary Volcanology.  David is currently perfoming research in volcanology and planetary geology, with a focus on planetary mapping, geochemical, and remote sensing studies.  His research has included computer modeling of seismic wave propagation through planetary interiors, visible and near-infrared spectroscopy of lunar lavas, planetary geologic mapping of the satellites of Jupiter, computer modeling of the physical and geochemical evolution of lava flows in a variety of planetary environments, and petrologic study of lava samples from Mount St Helens.  He was involved with NASA’s Magellan Mission to Venus, and was an affiliate member of the Solid-State Imaging Team of NASA’s Galileo Mission to Jupiter, where he was involved in mission planning, image processing, and data analysis of the Jovian satellites Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.  Dr. Williams is currently serving as an Associate Investigator on the European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission, that arrived at Mars in December 2003.  He is also involved in education/public outreach activities including giving talks to school and civic groups and developing educational materials.

Dameon Willich

Artist; Book covers, Game Illos, interior illos (MZB magazine, Omni, Analog) comic books (DC), Card Games (Magic, LOTR, Crypt), Actor/Fight Director; Seattle Knights 6 movies and a bunch of shows for History Channel.  I teach stage combat/stunt work and do art work for games and books.

Gail Wolfenden-Steib

Gail Wolfenden-Steib is ranked as a master costumer, achieved by moving up the ranks of SF Convention costuming prior to becoming a professional.  She has constructed costumes in the SF/Fantasy, media and horror genres and her awards include: Best of Show Costume Con Historical Masquerade for Masque du Rio (Louis XIV as the Sun King), Most Beautiful at Confransisco for Nightwing: Tribute to the Knight, and most recently one at the NASFIC in Anaheim for a joint creation with Larry Vela.

Ben Yalow

C.F. Yankovich

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