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David Cherry is a multiple award-winning professional artist, who is consistently ranked as one of the best fantasy and science fiction artists in the country. He has won  multiple Chesley, Frank R. Paul, and Polly Freas awards, along with 10 nominations for Hugo Award's Best Professional Artist. In addition to many successful exhibitions, David has painted covers for over 30 paper back books, written short stories, and even has a series of trading cards featuring his work.

"The recognition I am most proud of is being asked to speak about my work to the Smithsonian Institution" said Mr. Cherry. "They felt my work was an important part of the industry, and wanted to find out more. I am talking to them about including some of my art in one of their exhibitions."

In addition to final art on the boxes and in the game, Mr. Cherry will be the concept artist for future titles. "As Ensemble ventures into non-historical topics, David will be essential for creating the look, the architecture, and the characters that will inhabit these games." said Mr. Goodman. "We want to really grab people's imagination, and David has proven he can do that many times over. It's an honor to have him working with us when creating these new worlds."

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