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Confirmed panels/presentations

Here is the latest from Programming:

List of Scheduled events  (as of June 30, 101K PDF*)

Fireplace Lounge schedule  for Readings and Book Discussions    (as of June 27, 16K PDF*)
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Art Show Docent Tour schedule    (as of June 21, 9K PDF*)

We have numerous authors who will appear in the Dealer's Room throughout the Convention to sign books.  Check  this link to see the complete schedule.
Autograph signing schedule  (as of June 28, 16K PDF*)

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Special Events:      (this is above and beyond what is listed above)

Thursday  (Pre-Registered Members Only)
Chat with the GoHs, 7:00pm
Special Film Screening of "Finding the Future", 9:30pm

Audience Participation Body Painting by John Wheeler, 5:30pm
Meet the Pros, 7:00pm
Adults Only Body Painting by Mark Greenawalt, 8:30pm
Special Film screening of "Cooking Is A Drag" with William Shatner, 9:00pm
Regency Dance, 9:00pm

UFP's Sci-Fi Jeopardy, 2:30pm
Special Film screening of "Finding the Future", 4:00pm
Karate, Panel 1, 2:30pm
Charity Book Auction, 6:00pm
Masquerade, 7:00pm
Star Gazing, Blue Golfcourse fairway 8:00pm
Modern Dance by ConFusion, 10:00pm

Karate, Panel 2, 9:00am
Barry Bard Presents "At The Movies", 10:00am
Virginia Hey's Meditation Workshop, 11:00am
Tube Talk with Lee Whiteside, 1:00pm
Charity Auction, 2:00pm
Dragon Page Live Broadcast, 5:30pm
Guest of Honor Banquet, 7:00pm

Karate, Panel 3, 9:00am
Art Auction, 11:00am
Compliments & Complaints, 2:30pm
Closing Ceremonies, 4:00pm


Tony Laconte from Star Gazing for Everyone is presenting an evening of star-gazing at 8pm on Saturday night.  Tony will provide plenty of telescopes and, hopefully, the Arizona sky will provide plenty to see.  We'll be able to see Jupiter, some colorful double stars, Cancer, Leo, and Ursa Maor.  The Stars of the Summer Triangle ad the Great Hercules Cluster will also be visible - seen thru an 11" telescope they should look spectacular.  We should also be able to watch a solar eclipse on Jupiter; both Europa's shadow and the great red spot will be clearly visible.  Bring your digital camera and have fun.  In addition to Tony's event, the Third Mighty ETX Star Party will be held at the same time, same location.  Weasner's Mighty ETX  Site (http://www.weasner.com/etx) has hosted two previous star parties  (2001 and 2002) for users of the popular Meade ETX telescopes.  Since  Mike Weasner is attending ConKopelli (he is also a Fan) the opportunity  to get together with Arizona ETX and other Autostar-capable telescope  users was too good for him to pass up.  So if you have a Meade ETX, DS,  LX90, or LXD55 telescope, drop by Saturday night's Stargazing Program.

More details on the Mighty ETX Star Party are available at:

Stargazing event is Saturday from 8pm to approx 11pm on the Blue Golfcourse fairway.  A map will be posted in the convention area.

The 501st Stormtrooper Legion
(click link to see progrmming)

In keeping with a Westercon tradition, we will be presenting 7 panels that will discuss classic S-F literature.  The theme is the Retro Hugo for 1953.  The books selected are:


Any questions or concerns, please contact  Catherine Book in Programming.

Blood Drive

Especially after an excellent suggestion of members of the Heinlein Society,  we have decided to host a Blood Drive on Saturday (7/3/04) of the convention.  We have invited a remote team from the American Red Cross to set up in the Wigwam Foyer.    It will not take that long to donate and it will help many others with each donation.  Pay it Forward.

The blood drive time is Saturday 7/3/04  10 am - 4 pm.

All the donors will get a T-shirt and be entered into a drawing for a $700 Southwest Vacation Package to be drawn on Sept. 9

 Blood Drive Superheroes program

 Blood Drive Superheroes program poster

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